10 Best Bracelets to Steal this Season!

Earrings or neckpieces may be the popular choice of jewellery for workwear, but the bracelet has its fanbase too! This season check out some workwear friendly bracelets that elevate your ensembles for a fresh change. With WFH lifestyle still going strong, it’s easy to set into a monotonous routine. A little break out of habit […]

7 Danglers To Pair for your Zoom call!

Ever since the pandemic struck, Zoom calls have taken over. No more Monday morning hustle to work. Instead, it’s a Monday morning meeting in pajamas. Since Work-from-Home became the norm, there are now better ways to get out of Monday blues. Or should we call it Monday Zoom blues! And perhaps adding a little bit […]

10 Earring Styles for Your Workwear #styletips

While picking out earrings for casuals or party is a pretty comfortable task, pairing those with your work becomes a little tricky. What if it looks too much? What if my boss comments? And many more what-ifs… But what if, you match them perfectly? In today’s time where women are all set to embrace their […]