10 Jewellery Pieces For Every Bride’s Wedding Trousseau #musthaves

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When we think of a wedding, a red lehenga, extravagant gold and diamond jewellery, the outfits, shoes, the ceremonies are some of the first things that come to our mind. The bride being the centre of attention (it Is her Big Day after all!), it’s a day to remember, for the bethroted and everyone else involved.

However, once the ‘Big Day’ is over, there are Other Days to look forward to. Whether it is moving to a new place, meeting relatives, date nights, joining a new workplace or just the day to day jewellery that she will need. The precious jewellery that she wore at the wedding, becomes a little hassled for her everyday wear.

It’s time where we not only think of the wedding day jewellery but also about what she will need for her new life. With a share of the family heirlooms, there should also be a share that she can pick up for those small occasions like a Sunday brunch plan, or a meeting with her friends or going to work! Everyday jewellery, is what the contemporary bride of today – wants, needs and requires. That too, at a price which wouldn’t burn a hole in the pocket. And we’re here with just that!

Creating a ‘fashion package’ of sorts for the millennial woman, we’re sharing some must-have precious jewellery pieces that would be apt for every and all occasions.

Our range of gold and diamond jewellery is contemporary, light-weight, easy-to-wear and comes with affordable price-tag. Perfect for a quick dress-up! Gone are the days when the jewellery was kept under a lock and key, but it’s time to embrace these precious jewellery pieces and brandish them day after day!

#1. Swirl Curl Gold Danglers for an intricate piece to go with a saree to a sundress

gold danglers gold jewellery

#2. Bertyl Bloom Gold Ring for a splash of colour for those pastel ensembles

gold rings gold jewellery

#3. Lily Trilogy Gold Necklace that works from traditional to contemporary dress-ups

gold necklace gold jewellery

#4. Looped Fringe Diamond Danglers and Dangle Triangle Bracelet for an evening or cocktail party combo

diamond earrings diamond bracelet

#5. D-Tucks and Groovy Folds Gold Bangles for an everyday addition

gold bangles gold jewellery

#6. Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace for a little trendy yet chic trinket that can be paired from officewear to an evening out

gold necklace gold jewellery

#7. Sparkling Strand Gold Danglers for those dinner parties or even a card game scene!

diamond danglers diamond jewellery

#8. La Flor Gold Necklace for a dainty look on that music night!

gold necklace gold jewellery

#9. The Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Set that even works with that denim jacket and pants ensemble

gemstone ring gemstone danglers

#10. Gold Rings to stack on and add the gold bling to everything!

gold rings gold jewellery

So instead of just planning the wedding and the jewellery to go with every ensemble, plan a little ahead? Choose a contemporary, light-weight design that will be apt for your daily needs and flaunt your style with ease! 


10 Jewellery Pieces For Every Bride's Wedding Trousseau #musthaves
Article Name
10 Jewellery Pieces For Every Bride's Wedding Trousseau #musthaves
10 Jewellery Pieces For Every Bride's Wedding Trousseau #musthaves
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