5 Wacky Excuses to Buy Gold Jewellery! #Celebrate

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We, at Melorra, believe that every lady is a superwoman and she needs to celebrate everything she does. Yes, you should be celebrating it all – good hair days, promotions, new jobs, leaving soul-sucking jobs, patch-ups, break-ups, finishing your to-do lists, wacky passions, new habits, big goals, small milestones. ALL of it.

And we say celebrate it with GOLD!

We are here to give you some quirky excuses to buy gold jewellery and celebrate each moment of your weird yet beautiful journey of life!

  1. Achievement Unlocked – You’ve just accomplished something you’re proud of. A new job or a promotion? A million Insta followers? A new target on your adventure list? Whatever it is, you need to celebrate it big. Gold is the answer!

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  2. Goal Weight Reached – Finally acquired that weight after months of hard work and dedication. Well, it’s time to binge. On gold of course!

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  3. Weddings Everywhere – Is your mom forcing you to meet a guy? Let her know you don’t need a groom. You just need some gold. Or maybe both!

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  4. Turning 30! – Welcome your prime time with some wine and gold. Coz age is just a number and your charm is immortal.

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  5. Celebrate Freedom – Got out of a toxic relationship? Time to move on with some golden shimmer and a happy soul.

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And above all, celebrate yourself. You deserve it! You don’t need an excuse to shop from our gold bangle designs or gold chains online. Explore them all from our latest jewellery collection.

So, what’s your ‘craziest’ excuse to buy gold jewellery?

Let us know. Hit us with the wackiest, quirkiest excuse you’ve come up with to shop for gold! And also, never stop celebrating You! Cheers!

5 Quirky Excuses to Buy Gold Jewellery
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5 Quirky Excuses to Buy Gold Jewellery
Here's are some quirky excuses for you to buy gold jewellery and celebrate each moment of your beautiful yet weird journey of life!
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