Your Valentine Wish – In Gold! #UpYourGiftingGame

The day of love is here! And so is your gifting day! Are you ready to celebrate?!

Valentine’s Day has always been a day to celebrate love and exchange gifts that matter to the heart and shows how well you know each other. While women are comparatively better gifters (no offence men), but somewhere our male counterparts miss the mark. Although they do try and we women, LOVE the gesture and the effort.

So men, this Valentine’s day we’re asking you to up your gifting game. And that too, with gold!

Gold has always always ALWAYS been perceived as an expensive purchase, that doesn’t come handy or is just too traditional to match her lifestyle. And we agree, it Has been like that for a long long time. But we’re changing that game! And without losing out on quality or usefulness. Making gold everyday wear and an affordable gift, jewellery is the new way to go. So while you’re setting up your Valentine’s day plan in full grandeur, we have some gold gifts that you can give your better half! Check it out:

Amour Minimal Open-Top Ring
Amour Neon Gold Bracelet
Dramatic Hearts Gold Pendant
Rebel Rose Gold Necklace
Feels Like Check Gold Pendant

So while you’re shopping for Valentine, this season celebrate your love with gold and diamonds and a little colour too! (Not red of course). Change the game and make your own rules and have a day (and a gift) to remember!

Check out our Valentine’s Hearts collection here!

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