6 Every Day Jewellery Pair Up Options! #Pickoftheweek

Whenever we talk about precious jewellery we think of special occasions and special outfits that we can pair them with. However, what if you could pair them up for Every Day?

Jewellery has been an integral part of every woman’s life. Whether it is an elegant diamond ring or a subtle pair of gold studs, there’s a pair somewhere in every woman’s jewel box. However, fine jewellery has always been an affair that requires ‘big bucks’. And that too, to be worn once and kept safely under lock and key. But we at Melorra, disagree with that.

Breaking the taboo of precious jewellery = Expensive, we’re here to make your jewel box prettier and your casual wear blingy. As women’s lifestyle became more versatile, so did her clothing and her schedule. Gone are the days of wearing a traditional outfit on a daily basis or wearing one outfit for the entire day. With plans, there’s a need to dress up or dress down on certain days! Hence at Melorra, we make sure that you have a trinket for every attire.

While formal parties or an evening of pub-hopping with friends that require dressing up are easy to fix, there are always questions about your casual day outs and ins. While it’s not necessary, there’s something about jewellery that makes us feel elegant and confident.

To help you decide and decipher the jewellery code for your casual wear, for this week’s Pick of the Week that’s what we are suggesting!

#1. For those denim-top combinations, there’s always a pair of studs, a single pendant or even a bangle that you can pair it up with. Whether it is meeting your friends for a lunch plan or a drinks date, it’s the right amount of cool and chic.

gold jewellery
Chain Domain Gold Pendant
enamel jewellery gold jewellery
Zig N Zag Gold Bangle

#2. If you’re looking to add on trinkets to your sundresses for those day outings or by-the-pool brunch plans, you can choose to stack up on bracelets or necklaces/pendants, that’ll definitely make you stand out.

gold jewellery diamond jewellery
The Treble Corsage Diamond Pendant
gold jewellery
Double Decker Gold Bangle

#3. Staying in and staying cosy? There are always ornaments for those too! For those Sundays when you want to stay in, not dress up At All and basically Netflix, just add on a sleek pair of studs or a daily wear gold ring. A simple accessory that will not get in the way, it’s a good way to shine even at home!

gold jewellery
The Purrfect Portion Gold Studs
gold jewellery
The Bow Vow Gold Ring

#4. A day out with your girls to shop? Even if you’re looking to flaunt a straight skirt or a pair of shorts, trust us. We have jewellery for that too! Stack up on rings to draw attention to your hands or pick out a colourful fashion chain that’ll add on layers.

Gold jewellery diamond jewellery
Not So Mellow Yellow Gold Ring & Others
gold jewellery enamel jewellery
Heart Apart Gold Fashion Chain

#5.  For those Me days, where it’s all about you and spending time by yourself, who says it has to be a drab day? Walk around the city in your comfy denim or shirt dresses and add on a shiny necklace or a single bracelet that’ll add the right amount of shine and also, confidence.

gold jewellery enamel jewellery
Flor Bonica Gold Necklace
gold jewellery
Fabulously Fringe Gold Bracelet

#6. Movie date? Need the perfect blend of subtle yet slay? Your outfit options are endless. Whether you choose to pick up a denim-fancy top combo, or a skirt with a frill top and jacket, all you need is a pair of danglers or a sleek pendant. Let the bling show off your best features!

gold jewellery enamel jewellery
Seal The Teal Gold Danglers
diamond jewellery
Curves of Shimmer Diamond Bracelet

So don’t fret about gold and diamond jewellery being a part of Only your special occasions! But make them a part of your everyday with subtle additions. Mix and match your favourite colours of enamel or gemstone and add on some bling to your everyday life!

Check out Melorra’s collections here!

6 Every Day Jewellery Pair Up Options! #Pickoftheweek
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6 Every Day Jewellery Pair Up Options! #Pickoftheweek
6 Every Day Jewellery Pair Up Options! #Pickoftheweek
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