Climb Aboard the Savannah Safari! #fridayrefresh

Adventure is Out There! And so is the weekend getaway plan. Taking another trip down the ‘jungle’, we have something ‘wild’ in store for you this Friday Refresh! Any guesses?

In case you weren’t able to guess, we’re here with another lot of gold for this season’s Modern Safari collection! Deep diving into the depths of the jungle, the tropical underground and the savannah safaris, we came up with another variation that defines the carefree, confident and outgoing side of you.

Adventurous Attires

With Zimmermann, Loewe, Givenchy and Fendi taking the lead on all things neutral, one thing was clear. This Spring Summer is all about utility combined with your love for the adventure, of course. From cargo pants, parkas to crossbody bags and broad belts, this fashion trend had structured silhouettes that depict the modern woman. Created in earthy tones and accessorised in metallic ones, this casual trend is the ultimate addition for your day outings.

Apart from the Spring Summer 2019 ramps, this trend was the street style to go for. From Caroline Vreeland’s free-flowing outfit for the Milan Fashion Week to Chloe Bennet’s beige pantsuit that won hearts, there was a whole range of silhouettes to pick out from. Paired with boots, oversized bags, multiple pockets, buttons and broad belts, this trend conveyed the comfort-first attitude perfectly.

Including white gold into this series, we took the minimal design look that can become a part of your everyday wear. Whether it is for a weekend getaway, a presentation or a brunch plan with your gal pals, this is the subtle addition you’ve been looking for. Take a peek at what we have in store!

modern safari fashion trend spring summer

So if all-gold is not your cup of tea, add a little white gold to it! A perfect mashup for your daily wear, Modern Safari has taken a whole new twist for the adventurer in you! 

Check out our Modern Safari collection here!

Climb Aboard the Savannah Safari! #fridayrefresh
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Climb Aboard the Savannah Safari! #fridayrefresh
Climb Aboard the Savannah Safari! #fridayrefresh
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