Special Edition: Hearts for Those Last Minute Gifters!

Valentine’s day is almost here and some of us have Still not figured out the gift of the season! Tick tock tick tock.

With numerous options out there to confuse us, plus the sub-categories to each of those and whatnots, we know why it’s complicated. Does your better half like flowers, hats, or the colour grey?! So many questions…. and such little time. But fret not! ‘Cause this Valentine’s day your gift for her, is not only going to win her heart but also work as a great apology of all those missed-the-mark times.

So while you’re still struggling to figure out what would work the best for your better half, we suggest trendy gold jewellery that fits into her everyday looks! Whether it’s a heart necklace for her or a gold bracelet for casuals, there are so many options. And we’re making it easier to pick for you, with our fast delivery collection.

So here are our fast delivery selections for your heart winning plan. Read on:

#1. The Double Dealing Heart Pendant to add colour to her gold. And her heart.

#2. The Dancing Hearts gold studs to add fun to those Friday outfits! And also suits her Friday evening plans

#3. The Love Shackles bracelet that will prove to be the perfect addition for all her evening wear looks!

Love Shackles Bracelet

#4. The Love at First Sight Danglers that adds not just texture but also an edgy look to any and all attires.

Love at First Sight Danglers

#5. The Rockabella Necklace – From off-shoulders to those casual tees, this will be an add-on to her style.

#6. The Heart Mache Diamond Ring ’cause there should always be bling in bae’s jewellery set!

The Heart Mache Ring

#7. The Mills & Miles Studs for her every day, all day pair-ups!

#8. The Subtle Signs Heart Pendant that is the perfect one for all coffee-to-picnic casual looks

Subtle Signs pendant

#9. The Radical Romance ring that works from suits to boots!

#10. The Heart Apart Necklace for all those gown and LBDs she has in her closet!

Heart Apart Necklace

Since now you know about the quickest way to her heart, what are you waiting for?! Grab a heart and have a perfect Valentine. Whether it’s a gold jewellery design or a clothing one, let the gift last more than a day!

Meanwhile, you can also check out our Fast Delivery heart designs here.

Check out our Fast Delivery products!

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