The Parisian Takeover of Hearts! #Valentine

We’re super close to the day of love and frantically running around prepping up for the day. Whether it’s a gift or the plan for the evening, there’s much to do! And we have an elegant solution.

Taking inspiration from the French Autumn-Winter 2019/20 trend, it’s al about taking a walk down the lanes of Paris and in all elegance too. Checking all the formal and poised fashion styles, this trend adds a twist to classics. With silk blouses, knee-length plaid skirts, scarves and kitten heels, it’s all about fashion within boundaries. Designers too had their own interpretations of this trend but keeping the 70s styling alive. While Celine’s bougie dressing took the front row, Balenciaga & Victoria Beckham followed suit with their versions of French fashion. From pairing with boots & pastel attires to sweaters and bows, there was a take for everything.

So while we know you were drooling over this oh-so-classy trend, we couldn’t help ourselves but add a heart to it! With different finishes and staying true to all things sophisticated, it’s the new heart to own – with a classy twist!

Take a peek into our new additions! 

Sweet N Subtle Ring
Carre Ardor Pendant
Poised Paramour Bangle
Amour Minimal Ring
Parisian Hearts Earrings

So while you’re set with your subtle yet statement outfit, add on a little heart to complete the ensemble. Whether it’s a stack up or a solo style, you can definitely add a heart to celebrate your Valentine and post that too!

Check out our entire Valentine’s heart collection here!

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