Decode her Fashion. And her Gold Jewellery too! #Valentine

We’re well into the month of love and Valentine’s Day is not too far away! Plus you’re still looking for that gift for her and the clock is ticking….

Getting the perfect gift for your loved ones is a task that men are not correctly equipped for. With numerous options available all around them, plus all the suggestions given by friends and yes, salespeople, all that’s left is a whole lot of confusion. Meanwhile, you’re frantically searching for that one thing, that talks about love plus packages the all your apologies into one. And there’s a deadline to follow too. No pressure.

Narrowing the arena down for you, we’re definitely suggesting fine jewellery to solve your gifting dilemma. Forget the roses and the chocolates like every other year, but add something to her collection that she’ll cherish for a long time. And wear it every day too! Cause this Valentine’s, it’s all about uplifting your gifting game! ‘Cause men, it’s time. It’s time to change the game. Seriously.

However, while jewellery is an option, which jewellery? Which colour? Does she like neon? Or does she like a print? ‘Cause it’s not about traditional jewellery At.All. It’s about adding a design that she can don every day! And that, it also matches her lifestyle. At Melorra, this is what we do. We match fine jewellery with clothing trends for a complete, up-to-date pairing. Now that’s something, isn’t it? So we suggest that you decode her fashion and the jewellery will be sorted out instantly!

Here’s what we think would work for her, if she has something similar in her wardrobe! Read on:

Colours so Bright!

Does she have a lot of vibrant colours in her wardrobe? From green, orange to yellow and grey, does her daily wear include a bright pairing? If the answers to these questions are yes, she’s into a lot of colour play, and her jewellery should have the same too! With enamel and gemstone additions, she can add those colours or colour block in a fun way for all her looks. And it’s not just about casuals, she can easily pick up these designs for her work or even pub-hopping nights!

Amour Neon Bracelet
Twilight Saga Bracelet
Seal the Teal Earrings


Is she a big fan of prints? From animal to checks to florals, if she includes print play into her casual or work attire, she’ll definitely love a print for her jewellery too! And that also in a heart! Now that’s the way to do it right! Whether it’s adding a little texture, a gemstone or even a diamond, it’s going to work with her personality entirely.

Heart Stripe Studs
Roses of Love Bracelet
Plaid of Hearts Studs

Flowy Attires

Now this one is a little tricky. Talking about the silhouette here, if she’s into loose, comfy clothing, it will fall under this segment. It may or may not be printed or have a pastel shade too, but if she puts comfort before everything else, add a minimal jewellery piece into her collection that will complement her clothing style in the best way. Whether it’s a heart pendant or a ring, it’s going to one comfy yet edgy ornament to add to her.

Dramatic Hearts Danglers and Heart O Mega Ring
Dramatic Hearts Ring
Love Shackles Bracelet

The Classic Wardrobe

With more and more people adding staples to their wardrobes, maybe your better half is a fan of white shirts, black skirts and sensible shoes too! If she likes to dress up in an elegant and prim way, she’s going to enjoy a similar kind of jewellery also. And we have just the ones to include. With sleek styling comes our two finish gold jewellery that’ll suit all her looks and add on that sophisticated touch to dressing up. From danglers to pendants and bracelets, add a valentine heart to her style!

Doting Bows Studs
Suave Spark Necklace and Parisian Hearts Danglers

So there you have it! Do a little wardrobe re-con this season and give her a gift that suits her closet style in an ideal manner. From classic, edgy to colour and texture, there’s a heart design this season for all! 

Check out our Valentine’s Hearts collection here!


Decode her Fashion! And her Jewellery too! #Valentine
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Decode her Fashion! And her Jewellery too! #Valentine
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