SS ’20: The Super Woman Edition!

Superheroes have always appealed to us since our childhood. With comics to read about, or watching Shaktimaan on TV, there was something or the other that led to a superhero.

Although many of us (including some of us here) have grown up, the aspect of a superhero beating the villain, still adds on that optimistic and excitement view towards life. And why shouldn’t it? Just think about it, a spider biting a human, someone dropping out of another planet (both Superman and Wonder Woman fall in This category), give us this hope, that everything will turn out fine.

And when fashion has a take on it, that has GOT to put in a lot more faith into it! With the Catsuit outfit trending on all ramps and runways, it was about women saving the world. And having the attire to dress for it. Now this literal take comes from those superhero stories that we were just talking about! Take Cat Woman, Black Widow or Captain Marvel for example. They’re all set to save the world, and look good doing it.

So while we anticipate their entry into the real world (just kidding..), we took inspiration from this bold, warrior of a woman and the fashion trend on the runways and created a range in gold. In edgy, geometric designs, this is the new-age jewellery that you can make a part of your everyday plan – while you break glass ceilings, of course.

So since our inspiration lies with the super-heroine, we asked you which jewellery would go with our heroes. And the response couldn’t have been better! With over-whelming inputs, we got what you think. Take a peek at which goes with what! 

Cat Woman

Catwoman has been known to fight injustice and do so in a pair of stilettoes. So while we know she’s totally up to showcase her femininity, you voted for our Fit to Bold gold ring that will complement her black take, while she saves the downtrodden.

Storm – X-Men

With one of the coolest superpowers ever, Storm can control the weather (whhaaattt). A part of the X-Men series, Storm adds on a cape with a high collar, which makes it perfect for a pendant. ‘Cause besides her rebel white hair, there’s definitely scope for more! In a really close match, you voted our Fit for Fame gold pendant that matches her persona perfectly.

Captain Marvel

The ultimate superhero that comes pretty close to Superman, power-wise, Captain Marvel is not about black At All. in a combination of Blue and Red shades, she’s all about keeping it low, but in style. So taking a little formal yet fun mood, the vote went for Fit to Formal gold studs that add on that edgy look in a minimal way.

Black Widow

A spy turned to the good, Black Widow is known to have a history unlike anyone else that definitely gives us the heebie-jeebies. However, that’s what makes her a deadly yet passionate character in the Marvel universe. Going black with a utility belt (which we love), she’s all about the essentials. And with the costume, our Edgy Contours gold bangle was the one addition she could add with ease, that won the vote!

Bold, destructive, confident and fearless, the catsuit women is every bit of a saviour that the world needs. And does the job well too! So while we love these characters and let them inspire us every day, pick out your own super-suit this season! Add on that little extra to your outfit and slay the day. 

And here’s the perfect option, the Super Woman Collection!


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