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SS ’20: Make it Do or Do Without! #Trendalert

It’s a craft state of mind this Spring Summer 2020! And we’re totally up to experiment with this trend – from clothes to accessories! Taking a route of sustainability, recycling and upcycling became the focus this season, like never before. Add on embroidery or create a patchwork, work with lace or change the game with leather patches, it’s all about mending it up! Patch It Up! The designers too followed the theme of ‘Make It Do or Do Without’ this season. While Alexander McQueen upcycled lace, organza and tulles of the previous season, Gucci added cutwork, leather and lace patchwork to sheer clothing. Isabel Marant, on the other hand, took the route of sequins-it-up, cut-up denim and lacework to create dresses, while Marc Jacobs incorporated applique work and embroidery to retro silhouettes. From jackets to puffed sleeve dresses, a lot was going on! While Dolce and Gabbana went all out and…

SS ’20: The Super Woman Edition!

Superheroes have always appealed to us since our childhood. With comics to read about, or watching Shaktimaan on TV, there was something or the other that led to a superhero. Although many of us (including some of us here) have grown up, the aspect of a superhero beating the villain, still adds on that optimistic and excitement view towards life. And why shouldn’t it? Just think about it, a spider biting a human, someone dropping out of another planet (both Superman and Wonder Woman fall in This category), give us this hope, that everything will turn out fine. And when fashion has a take on it, that has GOT to put in a lot more faith into it! With the Catsuit outfit trending on all ramps and runways, it was about women saving the world. And having the attire to dress for it. Now this literal take comes from those…