Top 5 Regular Bracelets to Match Western Outfits! #StyleTips


“Bracelets are a way to express your personal style without saying a word.”

– Sarah Jessica Parker


If you are a follower of western fashion and looking to get some trendy accessories to pair with your favourite outfits, bracelets can prove to be one of the best choices. A fashionable bracelet can instantly add a touch of panache and character to your western attires, particularly one crafted with gold. As we all know, there is nothing more classic and timeless than gold jewellery. Whether you prefer elegance and simplicity over everything else or bold, eye-catchy designs are more to your taste, Melorra offers a myriad of gorgeous options for all kinds of style needs. So, grab one or more of our striking gold bracelets to raise the style quotient of your western outfits. 

Create Trend-setting Western Styles

Do you want to match your favourite western outfits with fashionable and chic accessories? Check out these amazing gold bracelets for daily wear.

If you want to add some flair and personality to your western outfits, this stunning 22-karat gold bracelet from the Scarf Print Collection is exactly what you need. Featuring intricate acanthus leaf designs, it captures the essence of modern western fashion, making you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. Being lightweight, it is perfectly suitable for daily wear, making it a practical choice for your everyday casual styles. There is no shortage of options when it comes to styling this incredible accessory to elevate your overall look, whatever the occasion may be.

Do you want to steal the show wherever you go? If yes, styling your outfits with eye-catchy gemstone jewellery is a sure-shot way of grabbing attention. Belonging to the remarkable Classic Gemstone Collection, this exquisite and pocket-friendly bracelet is a superb choice for matching your favourite outfits, especially western ones. It flaunts brilliant rose quartz cabochons that add to its aesthetic appeal. Whether you are heading to a formal event or just want to add some shine to your everyday style, this bracelet serves as the perfect accessory. 

When it comes to putting together a look that radiates luxury and charisma, nothing can beat the sunflower inspired design. After all, there’s a reason why this fashion trend is taking over the world. Crafted with high-quality 22-karat gold, it features mesmerizing palmette leaf designs, adding to its charm and making it worthy of catching eyes whenever you step out. So, if you want to amp up your western style, grab this lightweight bracelet without thinking twice.

Diamonds can make anything look infinitely phenomenal. Simply putting on a diamond bracelet can work wonders for your western outfits. Belonging to the fantastic Sunflower Yellow Collection, this breathtaking gold and diamond bracelet can be a great addition to your western wear. With its exquisite three-petal floral designs, it has the potential of making your wardrobe fashion-forward. Apart from being a stunning and feminine piece of jewellery capable of levelling up your style game, it is also a very lightweight and easy-to-wear accessory, making it ideal for everyday use. 

Are you a minimalist? Do you like your accessories to be subtle, elegant, and classy? Then, this awe-inspiring cable chain bracelet should certainly be on your radar. When it comes to fashionable gold bracelet designs for ladies, this one takes the crown. Serving as another masterpiece following the beloved scarf print trend, it is beautifully crafted with 22-karat gold and makes for an exceptional accessory to pair with your western dresses. In fact, it goes just as well with ethnic and traditional outfits, making it a great fit for festive occasions.

Get Ready to Make a Splash

The easiest way of taking any look from ordinary to extraordinary is by matching your outfit with trendy accessories. When it comes to trendy western outfits, nothing works better than a gorgeous bracelet. By pairing your favourite western dresses with the right bracelet, you can effortlessly become the star of the show. 
Don’t just stop at bracelets. You’ll find plenty of staggering jewellery pieces crafted with high-quality gold, dazzling diamonds, and vibrant gemstones. Each of these pieces boasts global trend-inspired designs and would serve as the perfect finishing touch for your western looks. 
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