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10 Gold Jewellery Designs for All Things Nature!

We’re celebrating our biodiversity in full force! And while we’re at it, we’re also discussing how nature continues to inspire us! June 5 – World Environment Day is here, and this year, the theme is “Celebrate Biodiversity” and act #ForNature. With all the climate changes going around us, one thing is clear. That change is an essential part of our future. Nature has taken a break at this point, while we’re all indoors (See: Lockdown). And doesn’t the air so good after the rain? The dust has finally settled down, and the mountains don’t seem so far away either! So while our team sat down to discuss what has been going on, we couldn’t help but notice al these changes. And more than that, how much we’ve changed during these months! Isn’t hitting pause make us all look around? And that is precisely what went down in our Zoom video…

Environment Day: Act #ForNature

Climate change is real and there’s never been a more critical time to talk about our biodiversity! So it’s time we all take part in this movement! Nature is changing around us. From fires in the Amazon and the Australian jungles to growing global warming, there have been signs from all sides. Signs that we all need to take a stand and make a change. With more and more people supporting this cause, we all must take part in this conversation! This year, Environment day was about celebrating our biodiversity. What does biodiversity mean? From the smallest of organisms, the plants and animals around us, everything is a part of this. The preservation of biodiversity is essential for life on Earth, and this year, Environment Day is reminding us of just that. With 1 million species facing extinction, there has never been a more important time to focus on biodiversity.…