10 Gold Jewellery Designs for All Things Nature!

We’re celebrating our biodiversity in full force! And while we’re at it, we’re also discussing how nature continues to inspire us!

June 5 – World Environment Day is here, and this year, the theme is “Celebrate Biodiversity” and act #ForNature. With all the climate changes going around us, one thing is clear. That change is an essential part of our future. Nature has taken a break at this point, while we’re all indoors (See: Lockdown). And doesn’t the air so good after the rain? The dust has finally settled down, and the mountains don’t seem so far away either!

So while our team sat down to discuss what has been going on, we couldn’t help but notice al these changes. And more than that, how much we’ve changed during these months! Isn’t hitting pause make us all look around? And that is precisely what went down in our Zoom video call.

As we walked down the memory lane of our time in the offices, yes, we also talked about nature and the way it is a big part of us all. Our inspirations, aspirations, even travel plans, move along with it!

So as a reminder, here are our top 10 inspirations and things that we’re looking back at:

#1. The Trunk Show gold studs that are the cutest thing to add to any of your casuals – A complement is Sure to arrive!

#2. The Wings of Glitter diamond pendant and the Glitter Fly diamond studs that is all you need for your day out in the Sun. And now, for those balconic Sundays *breathe in

#3. The Brave N Blanc diamond pendant to show off your Swan (black or white) side in style.

#4. The Pied Viper gemstone danglers to show off your love for animal print – Subtly.

#5. The Black Panther gemstone ring and gemstone necklace that pairs well for all your summer looks! And also flaunts the bold free-spirit of yours (just like a Panther *wink.

#6. The Beachy Bunch gold hoops that’ll prove to be an ideal summer, sand and sea reminder!

#7. Miss the beach? Here is a cure! The Star Shell gold bangle that adds the ideal beach and starfish charm to any outfit!

#8. The La Flor gold enamel studs and gold necklace that’ll bring out your love for florals in an elegant format!

#9. The Floral Blooms gold hoops and Petal Play gold necklace for those off-shoulder dress-ups! Whether you’re stepping out or not, doesn’t matter, it’s all about the TGIF feels!

#10. The Dark Damask gold danglers and gold necklace for a little romance-rebel vibe for your black outfit.

So go ahead and show off your love for nature, not just in gold, but with a step towards the environment too. Let’s take care of our one and only planet Earth, together!

Check out our environment inspired collection here!

10 Gold Jewellery Designs for All Things Nature!
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10 Gold Jewellery Designs for All Things Nature!
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