SS’21: Time to Tote It Up! #TrendAlert

Spring Summer 2021 has a practical perfect solution for the IT bag. And it’s a woven wonder of artisanal aesthetics of wickerlicious macrame, crochet and embroidery combined with sustainability! This season, DIY and sustainability are sartorial statements with an elevated appeal. From the runway to street fashion, environmentally conscious is the choice of every fashionista. […]

10 Things to Know About Diamond Carats #melorraguide

Carat, simply put, refers to the weight of a diamond. Did you know tidbits like this about diamonds? Does buying diamond jewellery give you the jitters? Well, no need to be hazzled anymore! We are here with a line-up of infos about diamonds and diamond carats. Who doesn’t love diamonds right? But, there are so […]