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What’s the Difference Between Carat & Karat? #knowmore

When there’s talk about precious jewellery, two things come to mind – Chunky jewellery and Expensive! There’re also the doubts about weight, Karats, Carats, cut etc. And also – What’s The Difference between Karat and Carat!? We know it’s mind boggling. In India, fine jewellery has traditionally been a symbol of investment with conventional designs that are occasion specific. However, with the evolving tastes, lifestyle and needs of the modern woman, it no longer holds as much importance. While style became a part of a woman’s everyday life and lifestyle moved forward to being an individual stance, the need of the hour changed. Hence, to make it an easier bet for you in today’s time, we at Melorra create precious jewellery with exactly That in mind. With light-weight, easy-to-care and hassle-free gold and diamond jewellery designs, there’s no need to keep your trinkets under lock and key anymore! Although the…

10 Things to Know About Diamond Carats #melorraguide

Carat, simply put, refers to the weight of a diamond. Did you know tidbits like this about diamonds? Does buying diamond jewellery give you the jitters? Well, no need to be hazzled anymore! We are here with a line-up of infos about diamonds and diamond carats. Who doesn’t love diamonds right? But, there are so many parameters and details you gotta remember and evaluate while buying it, that it can end up being tedious. But, not anymore. We have simplified the so-called ‘instruction manual’ one needs to know while buying diamonds and reduced it to ten simple pointers. Read on, for everything you need to know about diamonds and the carats it comes along in: 1. The weight of the diamond is measured in Carats. 1 Carat = 0.2 gram, 50 cents = 0.5 Carat. Just about the weight of a paper clip. 2. Higher carat diamonds would be larger and…