The Best of March! #Hitlist

March Best Sellers Hitlist

From “Hitlist” to “Wishlist”! We are here to help you pick the trendy fine gold jewellery that’s best of the bests. Check out our Top 10 out of the best sellers for March 2021! As we enter this new month, with our payday just around the corner, our jewellery wishlist-ing also begins! With a new […]

A Modern Twist to Classic Bangles! #MustHaves


Showing off a whole new side, bangles are taking a modern twist! Read on to explore trendy and chic bangles that you can flaunt everyday in gold! Did you know that the sound of bangles was said to keep the unwanted negative energy at bay? A jingling that we heard on our mother’s arms, it’s […]

Gold For The Unbreakable You! #WomensDay

The powerful woman is here! That unbreakable woman is – YOU! On Women’s Day, treat yourself with some gold that defines your grit.     This day is to celebrate women across the world. But, why just one day? For the woman who takes care of her entire family, always being on top of her game […]

Gold for Your Summer Look! #Styling

Summer is setting in. It’s time to shed those jampacked attires and set your skin free! Are you ready to add a li’l gold luster to it? SS’ 2021 has set its first foot in utmost trend mode. With this preseason of Spring-Summer, when the sun is shining down on us all bolder and brighter, […]

4 Unique Innovations at Melorra! #R&D

Some unique ideas and willful innovations – And we bring you jewellery in most unparalleled ways! Wanna check out some awe-mazing innovations in fine jewellery? Who said you should just be ‘wearing’ jewellery? When you can adore, admire and awe at the ease, comfort and unique ways of wearing it. Don’t just wear fine jewellery, […]

1 Gold Jewellery, 3 Ways to Wear! #Modular

Modular Jewellery

A twist of Mod to the spring of Gold. And you’ve got 3 ways to wear 1 jewellery! Seek out the hot modular we have in store for you!   Super fashionable – Check. Affordable – Check. Easy to wear – Check. High in quality – Check. Trendy – Double Check!! Melorra has been keeping […]