The Jewellery for Your Favourite GOT Character! #Melorra

The Finale is here! With the Game of Thrones fever on the rise, the atmosphere is completely electric! And we’re feeling it too! Although we wonder, what if our favourite GOT character replace their costume jewellery for real ones?

As the GOT rage hits us all in the early hours of a Monday, there probably wasn’t a better cure to keep our Monday Blues away. Also a healthier lifestyle. But either way, we couldn’t help but discuss their jewellery quotient. With every season taking us along the lives of the many different characters and their growing personalities, it was as visual as it could get.

Keeping their individual personalities in mind, we couldn’t help but discuss their precious jewellery choices. Will it be a light-weight piece for the Stark ladies or a bold pick for the Targaryen? Picking out pieces from Melorra, here’s what we thought would suit them!

What Would Cersei Wear?

With high-neck gowns and full sleeve clothing, she’s all about getting down to business. Minimal jewellery with a love for rings, she prefers to wear dark tones or full metal accessories with her clothing. After all, it is the season of War.

gold jewellery

What Would Arya Wear?

A tom-boyish attitude from the beginning, Arya doesn’t have time to be frivolous. Keeping it minimal, the only thing besides her sword and dagger would be a pair of white gold studs. Combined with black gemstones, it’s all about keeping it simple and to the point!

gold jewellery

What Would Daenerys Wear?

Leading with a sense of empathy and compassion, Daenerys is determined and fiercely independent in all her conquests. With her bout with the Dothraki; the mother of dragons and breaker of chains proves all her traits as a natural leader. Staying true to her character, we picked out Animal Print jewellery with reptile texture that would suit the Dragon Lady with grandeur.

gold jewellery gemstone jewellery

What Would Missandei Wear?

A slave to the Masters of Astapor, Missandei initially worked as a translator and eventually became a trusted advisor and handmaiden of Daenerys. Being a part of Daenerys team, she grew confident and independent, bringing out her traits. Moving away from the cuffs she wore as a slave, we chose chains and geometric neckpieces that flaunt her femininity and her freedom.

gemstone jewellery

What Would Sansa Wear?

Starting as a timid, beautiful teenager, Sansa was ready to be a part of the Lannister clan as the series began. However, with the ‘various’ turn of events, she let go of her timid side and became the confident, bold and sophisticated Lady of Winterfell. Highlighting her break away from the past, we picked out a gold chain-link necklace and bangle that suit her classy style.

diamond jewellery gold jewellery

What Would Brienne Wear?

One of the strongest characters, Brienne has proven herself to be one of the best fighters in the series. She defies the Westeros gender norms and offers her protection, service and unwavering loyalty to the Stark family, whether they needed it or not. Keeping things minimal that wouldn’t get in her way, we chose white gold studs that would suit her personality.

gold jewellery

Since we decided to ask you what you think, giving you options of precious jewellery that you think works the best for the character, here’s what you voted for in the Game of Stones!”

gold jewellery
Bare Flair Gold Necklace
gold jewellery
Fringe Frolic Gold Necklace
gemstone jewellery gold jewellery
Black Panther Gemstone Ring
gold jewellery
Proove da Groove Gold Ring
gold jewellery
Beveled Black Gold Studs
gold jewellery gold earrings
Zebra Crossing Gold Studs

It was fun to know about the pieces you adore for your favourite characters! With precious jewellery that goes with these women, we’re all set to watch the rest of the season for the new plot twists!

The Jewellery for Your Favourite GOT Character! #Melorra
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The Jewellery for Your Favourite GOT Character! #Melorra
The Jewellery for Your Favourite GOT Character! #Melorra
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