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The Jewellery for Your Favourite GOT Character! #Melorra

The Finale is here! With the Game of Thrones fever on the rise, the atmosphere is completely electric! And we’re feeling it too! Although we wonder, what if our favourite GOT character replace their costume jewellery for real ones? As the GOT rage hits us all in the early hours of a Monday, there probably wasn’t a better cure to keep our Monday Blues away. Also a healthier lifestyle. But either way, we couldn’t help but discuss their jewellery quotient. With every season taking us along the lives of the many different characters and their growing personalities, it was as visual as it could get. Keeping their individual personalities in mind, we couldn’t help but discuss their precious jewellery choices. Will it be a light-weight piece for the Stark ladies or a bold pick for the Targaryen? Picking out pieces from Melorra, here’s what we thought would suit them! What…

AW18/19: Fashion Do-over with Denim #newlaunch

Denim’s got us hooked this season! The craze is evident. Call it denim-on-denim or top-to-toe denim, double denim or Canadian Tuxedo! This season, denim is claiming its stardom back! Top-to-Toe Denim!  With its effortless casual-cool vibe that denim eludes, has the fashion fraternity going gaga over it, all over again! And so are we! Introducing new designs into our Denim inspired collection, this is all you need for your daily wear and casual outing needs! Created in a blend of gold, white gold, diamonds, gemstone renditions of all things blue, it’s the jewellery for all your denim cravings! Let’s Dream of Denim When Miu Miu, Balmain and Victoria Beckham sign off on a trend, you know it’s legit! With ensembles of denim pants with old-school jackets, it’s all about the colour, wash, texture and lengths this season. Overtaking ramps, runways, airport looks and even a few red carpets, denim is…

The Modern Dawn of Necklets – Necklaces, But Better!

You must’ve heard of necklaces, pendants and even chains, but have you heard of necklets? You haven’t? Fret not! Let us tell you all about it. Necklets have a league of their own. They have a prominent centrepiece, with the chain joining them on either end. Necklets unlike any other neck accessory, always boast of a stiff centre portion. The centrepiece in necklets is bigger in size than the conventional pendant. Plus, they are fixed unit. So voila! no more hassles with the pendant that keeps twisting and rolling around your chain. The typical length of necklets is same as the traditional necklaces (about 6inches in length). So, it does the job of the necklace, without stealing the thunder from your uber fashionable outfit. It is all about perfect accessories, after all, isn’t it? It adds the oomph of the necklace while oozing the elegance of a normal chain &…