5 Valentine Days, 5 Reasons to Celebrate! #UpYourGiftingGame

From rose day, chocolate day to teddy day and whatnots, we women are definitely done with these gifts that don’t last more than a day! And we want something more!

With these oh-so-cheesy days before the D-day, it’s become a relatively monotonous schedule of what to expect. It’s rose day, it’ll be either a bouquet or a single stem with a card, or something along those lines. While sometimes these ideas get creative, there are also times when we’ve pretty much seen it all. And while the days remain the same, the gift isn’t something that we women, can use every day or cherish for a long time.

So while these 5 days are super cheesy, let there be a little more to it! We suggest gold jewellery! Now we know what you’re thinking. That it’ll be a super expensive and traditional affair that wouldn’t really fit into her lifestyle. But we disagree! Cause we’re all about bridging that gap. At Melorra, we create super fashionable designs in gold, that Don’t leave you with a hold in your pocket. Now that’s something, isn’t it?

So here’s how we suggest you bring up your gifting game in these 5 days and win all the brownie points! Read on: 

Rose Day Addition? Add a Gold rose this time! 

Product shown here: The Fierce Fable gold stud earrings

Nothing says from the heart, like a ring!

Product shown here: Amour Rosa gold ring

Chocolates are fine…but a ring will do it much more fantastically!

Product shown here: Venus Venge gold ring

What will she do with Teddy Bears now…? Play? Go for a better forever gift instead!

Product shown here: Lovelorn gold bracelet

A promise is a promise…and gold shows it the best!

Products shown here: Amour Neon bangle and Zesty Neon bangle

Since now you have a better way to celebrate this Valentine, make sure that your gift lasts more than a day and it will definitely win her heart! Forget the roses and the chocolates and go with a forever gifting idea that she will cherish.

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