5 Diamond Earrings to Match Your Casual Outfits! #StyleTips


“You’re not quite dressed until a pair of earrings add sparkle”

The expression “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is accurate since these sparkling gems can give an ensemble an unparalleled degree of elegance. Diamonds provide that extra touch of elegance to any attire, whether it is for a casual event or a light brunch. Adding a chic diamond earrings may give your look additional oomph.

With jewellery that draws inspiration from international fashion trends, Melorra is here to add a crown diamond to your armour.

Take a look at the latest diamond jewellery designs worn by celebrities throughout the world. These global trend-inspired designs are a head turner.




Look Drop-dead Gorgeous!

Simplistic, lightweight jewellery that you can wear with anything is a wardrobe essential. A pair of diamond earrings is a great way to complete any look. Here are some of our most popular diamond earrings for you.

The hoop’s distinctive style makes each casual look stand out. For a classy and elegant look, pick the gold twisted hoops with sparkling white diamonds. Choose the beautifully crafted 18KT diamond hoop earrings from our White Swan collection for everyday casual wear.

The hoops will look gorgeous with jeans and a t-shirt. The back of your earrings are visible when you do an updo. These earrings are equally stunning from the back. When you wear a street-style outfit with a t-shirt and ripped denim pants, they look excellent with a messy bun. Try a kohl eye and nude lip for a dramatic appeal.

White Soiree Diamond Hoop Earrings



  • Romantic Symmetry Diamond Stud Earrings

One of the most popular and timeless earring designs is a pair of elegant diamond studs. This type of earring, which is close to the earlobe and has a classic design, has one diamond in it. This extravagant piece includes four curving diamonds in high polish yellow gold that are arranged in the shape of a heart. Each motif is covered with rhodium-plated diamonds that are surface-prong set.

From our Romantic Hearts line, these exquisite 18KT diamond stud earrings are designed for ladies who need an element of vibrancy in their look. Perfect to wear to a date night or outing with your girls, this piece is a head turner! Try a flushed out makeup look with pink lips and cheeks for a fresh, dewy, and flirtatious look. Pair this beautiful earring with a sleek gold bracelet and a midi floral dress for that perfect light feminine look.

Romantic Symmetry Diamond Stud Earrings



Huggie earrings are fantastic since they are so adaptable. They are usually used for lobe piercings because of their modest diameter. They can also be used for other piercings, such as the tragus, the front helix (top of the front ear), and the helix (cartilage at the top of the ear) (in front of the ear canal). Huggie earrings may be worn in a variety of ways; the possibilities are unlimited.

They’ve been spotted on models, influencers, and celebrities alike, making them the perfect fashion accessory. This Huggie hoop earring is made of high-polish white gold and set with a beautiful row of paved diamonds. These gorgeous 18KT white gold diamond hoop earrings from our Eternity line are perfect to pair with any casual outfit. Your flowy dresses, silky shirts, and quirky pleated skirts will look great with this. Pair it with a sleek watch and platform heels or gladiator flats for that perfect brunch look!

Fine Line Huggie Diamond Earrings



All halo earrings with diamonds are extremely elegant, whether they are halo stud earrings, double halo diamond earrings, or halo drop earrings. These earrings are meant for someone with a fashion frenzy, because of their royal look. Due to their affordable pricing when compared to other diamond earrings, halo earrings are highly popular. Furthermore, their elegance and adaptability make them even more appealing.

This long polish yellow gold stud with curving spokes meeting in the middle and a rhodium plating finish is inspired by various leaf motifs. This beautifully crafted 18KT diamond stud earring looks amazing with any casual dress. These stud earrings are gentle, elegant, and effortlessly suited with your leisure or professional attire. These beauties go well with office shirts, strappy cotton dresses, and comfy lounge trousers.

Diamond Leaves Halo Earrings



Diamond drop earrings have always been quite popular. They garner attention as a hot jewellery accessory. They’ve frequently been noticed in vintage movies and on red carpet runways. They are also well-suited for a casual event. Choose this beautiful 18KT diamond drop earring from our Valentine Hearts collection for a stunning everyday look.

Diamond drops have recently gained popularity due to the growing popularity of the Y2K fashion trends. They come in a variety of designs like opal, amethyst, and other vibrant gemstones, and they also give greater leeway to make risky fashion decisions. Check out the entire collection of diamond earrings and change your style game forever.

Plaid Of Hearts Diamond Drop Earrings



Timeless Designs For YOU

Though times have changed, this timeless design has managed to stay in trend. Drop earrings have endured the test of time and a plethora of design trends, appearing on everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Kylie Jenner, Princess Diana to Deepika Padukone. For a casually elegant style, wear this with mom jeans and crew neck t-shirts. Show them off at work by wearing them with your office wear.

This season, dress up in diamonds with your go-to casuals!

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