Top 10 Gold Earrings Under ₹20,000

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is like an opportunity missed.”

——————-Jennifer Lopez

Nobody likes to pass up an opportunity, and a golden one at that! Oh, Hell no! 

Don’t you worry, we won’t let you miss out on anything!

Let your ears do the talking with gold earrings that can be styled with work/casual wear looks. They give the traditional bulky gold adornments a run for the hills. The subtle and elegant designs are easy to wear and blend seamlessly into your daily wardrobe. Wear these versatile pieces everyday, all day. Whether you like to rock western casuals or slay as the desi girl, we got your back!

Who wore it first?

Did you know that the practice of wearing gold earrings goes back about 5000 years? In, fact It is one of the oldest forms of body artistry! Paintings of women in beautiful gold hoops from the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations are a testament to this. 

Isn’t that a rich tradition worth keeping up with?

So, double down on our trend-inspired jewellery and beam with pride.  We got you covered with our everyday fine jewellery collections that are affordable and chic. Melorra’s lightweight jewellery is the rare concoction where fashion meets comfort! 

What’s Trending?

The global fashion trends that begin on the runway eventually trickle down to our wardrobes and jewellery boxes.  The season’s trends are plastered all over the ‘gram. The influencers and fashion critics propel them one after the other. The black cut-out ensembles, the 90’s mini skirts, knit thigh-high socks and the current Kardashian favourite- the monochrome look top the list of must-haves. The OTT trend of ostrich and faux feathers has gained momentum as well. Even the bold and fierce designs of Balmain featured flirty feather trims. 

No matter what the season favourites are, each of us likes to stay on top of our game when it comes to trends. So date the ramp in your pick of the season with the help of Melorra’s trend-inspired Jewellery. This is bound to put a swerve on your fashion game. 

Being on fleek shouldn’t leave your pockets empty. Check out our top 10 gold earrings for everyday use that are affordable yet stylish. Pair them with your monochrome date night outfits or with a bold pants suit. Sport them while you run your errands or as you “spill the tea” with your gals. Take your pick!

Our top 10 Gold Earrings under ₹ 20,000 are as follows:

  1. Shine in the Safe For Work Sequins Gold Stud Earring from the Work Sequins Collection. They are apt for the days you need to bring a little drama to the routine workdays. Pair them with your office jackets or formal dresses.
    Safe For Work Sequins Gold Stud Earring

  2. Plume Play Gold Stud Earring is bound to take you around the whimsical ride. Inspired by the season’s favourite trend of feathers, this will set you apart. A perfect companion for your flowy dresses, sheer tops and fun pleated skirts.
    Plume Play Gold Stud Earring

  3.  Mia Luna Gold Earrings features the beautiful crescent in the night sky, from the Cosmic Print Collection. Subtle, graceful and paired easily with your work/casual wear. Lazy lounge pants, office shirts or a strappy cotton dress, these babies fit right into the mix.

     Mia Luna Gold Earrings
  4. The Hat Trick Gold Earrings from the Hats Collections is an accessory for all your moods. We put on many hats from sunrise to sunset, at work and at home.  Wear this hat-inspired earring to brighten your spirit and lighten your step. Style them with a fun playsuit, Collared shirts or the classic T-shirt-Denim combo.

    Hat Trick Gold Earrings
  5. Inspired by the popular OTT trend Feather Friends Gold Earrings are a must-have this season. The ruffled feather motif and cutwork employed in this design are far from basic. Feel and look effortlessly elegant as you go about your day.

    Feather Friends Gold Earrings
  6. The Dream Framer from The Animal Collection portrays a lovable lopsided butterfly motif with a matt finish. Pair them with some bold prints or join the Y2K trend with dopamine dressing!

    Dream Framer
  7. Bold, edgy and fierce, the Break Free Gold Earrings is surely a departure from the norm. The white and rose gold rivet earring is unique in its design just like your style. Sport them, to add an extra oomph to the quintessential white shirt or pair them with your bomber jackets.

    Break Free Gold Earrings
  8.  Lunar Light Gold Earrings from the Plain Bands Collection are the ideal choice for everyday fine jewellery. These white gold Huggies will have you sorted on occasions where you wish for an extra hour in the day. They are easy to wear and match with basically every outfit you own.
     Lunar Light Gold Earrings

  9. Be the star of your own show in the Twinkles Gold Earrings. These Beautifully crafted rose gold studs from the Cosmic Print Collection.
    Twinkles Gold Earrings


  10. Tweed Twills Drop Earrings is a feminine, delicate piece with an intricate houndstooth weave pattern.  Style them with those sultry V-necks, ruffled tops and frilly dresses.
    Tweed Twills Drop Earrings

Earrings are an indisputable element that binds your look together. Pick from the array of lightweight jewellery that is elegant yet affordable. At Melorra, we have an option for your every mood and every need.

Check out our latest collections and unleash the goddess within!

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