A Style Guide for Pairing Danglers with Any Outfit!


From simple drops to embellished beauties, dangler earrings are available in a multitude of designs, and we are going gaga over the latest trends. They have the power to uplift any boring outfit and make you look fashionable in seconds. 

Melorra’s global trend-inspired gold danglers are the type of lightweight gold jewellery you need. Perfect for all occasions, these lightweight earrings hang effortlessly down your earlobes, making you look stunning.

Be it your casual jeans-top, or a dazzling evening gown, danglers can readily give you a stylish look. Below are our suggestions for styling danglers with different outfits. 

Check them out and thank us later!




Tips for Styling Danglers for Different Occasions

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”— If this is what you believe in, then these Jaunt Jamboree danglers are perfect for you. You can style these lightweight gold earrings in so many ways. For example, these trendy drop earrings go well with your casual and work outfits like denim or a pant-suit. You can finish your look by adding some pointy heels and a wavy hair updo. 

You can also style these elegant drop earrings with an off-shoulder dress or a classy evening gown to achieve a royal, party look. Just add a small handbag or clutch to transform the whole aura of your outfit. 

Jaunt Jamboree Gold Drop Earring


When confused, wear a denim. There are days when we just can’t decide what to wear, and denim is our holy grail on such days. Denim outfits, be it a pair of cool ripped jeans, a boho jacket or a simple denim dress, can make you look trendy and stylish in the most effortless way. You can make your outfit even more interesting by slipping in these stunning Denim Love gold earrings. If you’re feeling a little more girly, then make a cute messy bun hairstyle and decorate it with a bow or ribbon. This instantly imparts a dressier vibe. 

Not just denim, you can also pair these earrings with your casual summer dresses to refresh your look and stand out from the crowd

Denim Love Gold Earrings



  • Be a Style Icon in Black Fantasy Gemstone Earrings

Trust us, there is no better way to decorate a stunning evening gown than with a pair of these Black Fantasy Gemstone earrings. These embellished drop earrings look very sophisticated and feminine. For an outstanding evening look, pair them with a solid black mermaid gown or a flowy maxi dress in the same colour. Add a delicate bracelet or maybe a statement ring to add a perfect amount of bling to your outfit. And, complete your look with kohl eyes, and muted lips and you’re all set to turn heads around at the party

Alternatively, you can also style these danglers with trendy velvet dresses to achieve a more special and elegant look for the evening. 

Black Fantasy Gemstone Earrings



For the divas who like to celebrate life and party, these beautifully crafted Psychedelic Renaissance runway-trend-inspired gold earrings can be added to the closet. 

Black and red are two classic colours, which when paired with these earrings, create a fierce look. Try dresses in black and red for a put-together look. When you wear these danglers, be ready to get a lot of compliments.

And if not cocktail dresses, you can create a million-dollar party outfit by matching a sequin top or a crisp white satin shirt with trendy pants and these gold danglers. Just add a pair of high heels and make a showstopper appearance at the party.

Psychedelic Renaissance Gold Earrings



  • Be a Dazzling Diva in Dangle Angle Gold Earrings

Bow down to the most aesthetic gold danglers of all! 

These gold earrings look ultra stylish and luxe. Going to a wedding party? Wear them with beige or maybe a red satin dress and you’ll steal the show. If not a slip dress, you can also pair them with trendy jumpsuits to make a remarkable appearance. The best way to style these earrings is with a sleek high bun and bare neck. This ensures a clean and confident look.

You can also match this designer pair of danglers with your little black dress for Saturday night parties or with an all-white bodycon dress for a romantic date night.

Dangle Angle Gold Earrings



Don’t go Vanilla – Experiment with Gold Danglers

Danglers are among the hottest global trend-inspired jewellery pieces for the trendy woman. These stunning drop earrings not only help you accentuate your party outfits but also make an excellent everyday trendy jewellery option. You can easily style them up or down depending on the occasion. Be it a regular day at work or a fun party during the night, you can always trust them to hype you up. So, what are you waiting for; select your favourite designs from the trendy Melorra’s lightweight earrings collection and make all your looks aesthetic. 

Happy Shopping @Melorra!

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