9 Gold Designs to Celebrate Your Daughter! #Daughtersday

Among many “Quarantine stories”, one of our favourites are all the daughters stories that are making us go ‘awwww’! And with Daughter’s day close by, why not thank them for being the light to our lives amid this COVID chaos?

Months back, no one had ever imagined that the entire world can go on total lockdown, all together! But now, when we’re all past that phase, in fact, still kind-of, passing out of that phase, we know that it’s been a journey with many troughs and crests. We have still managed to gather some interesting stories to tell & new hobbies that we never thought possible! And all that while under quarantine with family, friends and even flying solo. there’s been a lot of time for introspection and getting to know our friends and family, once again.

Amongst all the chaos, there were daughters. From working out together to ordering essentials online and learning gardening techniques from you, your little princess adorned that grown-up girl cape. Whether it was baking bread lessons you took together or experimenting with some new makeup hacks, your all-adept girl kept your life interesting even under lockdown, and there was a new level of bonding that was unlike anything before.

Not to forget, making sure you carry your sanitizer while going to the grocery store! With all these small things, her love was visible and how she made sure that you have time to unwind. So, for all the ways she’s looked out for you, we think it deserves a little EXTRA love this season, doesn’t it?

Behold these 9 great picks from our collection which can be great to gift your princess with!!

#1. Urbane Prep Gold Pendant for daily push about morning yoga for your health!

Urbane Prep Gold Pendant

#2. The Preppy Revived Gold Earring to add that urbane chic to her collection.

Preppy Revived Gold Earring

#3. Give a nudge to her offbeat uniqueness with these Prep Step Gold studs!

Prep Step Gold Studs

#4. This outgoing Preppy Prep gold ring and pendant to compliment her uninhibited soul!

Gold Ring

#5. Prim N Prep Gold earring that accolades her demure!

#6. Offbeat Leagues gold bracelet with a trendy touch for her to wear on-the-go!

Offbeat Leagues Gold Bracelet

#7. The Offbeat League Gold earrings to add to your daughter’s radiance.

#8. A Prep Step Gold Pendant for a happy remembrance of all the quarantine love.

A prep step pendant

#9. Preppy Pep Gold ring to go with her cape-on attitude.

A Preppy Pep Gold Ring

So while you’re picking out that perfect gift for your beloved daughter, do so by adding a little prep and chic to her style! Adding a bold new shade to her vivacious attitude, add a little gold to her jewellery box! And with colour too!

Explore these preppy and chic options from our Daughter’s Day Collection that your daughter will love!


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