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Gift Your Sister Her First Diamonds #Rakshabandhan

Every girl dreams of her first diamonds! So, this Raksha Bandhan, get ready to become a rockstar brother by buying your fashionista sister her very first diamonds! And wait, before you start wondering how expensive or how difficult it might get to pick diamonds jewellery, scroll down & read along! We’ve listed out the perfect array of first diamond jewellery, from our super affordable price range! Exactly, we said affordable! For who said you have to empty your pockets for diamond jewellery? We say – Diamonds Are For Everyday! Why? Because at Melorra, our diamond jewellery is not only extremely trendy (which means in tune with the latest global fashion forecast) but is also minimal and perfect for daily wear. And, it goes with everything in your sister’s wardrobe, be it office, casual, party or festive wear. Diamonds make the perfect accessories. #1. The Spangle-Triangle Pendant from our Dainty Diamonds Collection …

7 Types of Earrings You Must Know, Own & Wear! #Tuneyourears

If there is one accessory that stood the test of ‘fashion’ time, it’s got to be earrings, Hands Down! The sizes changed, the hues differed, but the presence of this unfathomable ear accessory has remained. Standing test to time – through fashion seasons and across wardrobes! These ear candies have had a fun fashion evolution too. Unlike any other piece of ensemble and accessory, they have gone from chunky hoops to minimal, mix-match to OTT! Earrings That We Love Too At Melorra, we love them earrings, that’s why we have over thousands plus several designs and various categories that we can talk about, all day long. Too Many Types of Earrings So, now that we have professed our love for earrings, in all their forms and glory, we are letting you in. Here’s a quick rundown of different types of earrings you gotta get your hands (oops! ears) on: 1.…