8 Ways To Gold For A Festive Bash! #StyleTips

It’s that time again! The festive season is just around the corner, with all its many delights. Time to get your wish lists sorted and gift lists checked! But it also means it is time to dress up and be merry. Bring out your inner fashionista with dazzling style to match all the festivities! And […]

7 Gold Ways for Your Week! #Styling

7 ways to gold for the week

With hundreds of options in our closet, aren’t you constantly confused about what to wear that’ll be perfect for the day. Every day of the week deserves its own fashion statement and so is the jewellery you pick out! Today, we are here to help you fulfil this desire of yours in 7 different ways! […]

Fashion Muse – The Bold Type #Styling

The Bold Type Fashion Muse Blog Banner

A show that every millennial and Gen X must be bingeing on these days! The Bold Type brings a lot to relate to and even more to get inspired from! Let’s check out what we can take from these sassy ladies and their style quotient. (Cheer up, no spoilers ahead!)  😉   Initially, it may […]

SS’21: 5 Chain Ways to Leather! #Styling

leather styling blog

“Leather in Summers? Why not? This Spring Summer 2021, leather has made a dashing entry, with all-new fighting spirit – styled in chain! This Spring Summer 2021 has come with a ‘less is more’ approach. It’s more inclined towards long-term investments and quality over quantity. With this growing focus on buying better, leather makes a […]

Necklace Complementing Your Neckline #Guide

necklace for different neckline

From a sea of necklaces and pendants to choose from, how do you figure what goes with what? After all, it’s all about setting up your style quotient! Check out this little guide to know which necklace to wear with different type of neckline! “Hey, hittin’ the club after office. Don’t be late.” Or “A […]

10 Florals to Flaunt! #Trending

It’s Spring, and it’s time to take out those floral camisoles and skirts sleeping in the wardrobe. With cool lemonades, ice creams and blooming flowers, the aura is getting hotter too! Adorn those floral prints with these 10 chic floral jewellery and be the serene breeze of the season! Your clothing just got a season […]

Our New Fashion Muse: Zendaya #Styling

Fashion is an instant language. And when you know how to speak one in style – that’s sassy! Wanna know whose language we are reading these days? Read on to get enamoured by our fashion muse of the month. Who is your fashion inspiration? Where does your fashion inspiration come from?   If you’re a […]