10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday

#1 Because you get to choose your conversation starter with jewellery. Especially when you have over a hundred of the latest, trendy designs at Melorra to choose from. So, speak your heart out. Let that light shine bright and let your conversations be as interesting as your jewellery.

#2 Because… ummm….Affordable diamonds? We know, nothing works its magic on a woman the way diamond does! So, we stocked up and made it afforable! Incredible combo, right? We agree! So fierce on – Diamond jewellery determined to match the fearless woman you are.

#3 Because your jewellery and fashion become your best introduction – Don’t you agree? So, pick generously – let your jewellery reflect and radiate your true self.

#4 Because, you are the real deal girl? So, out with the ordinary and in with the original! Start your own style statement by choosing your very own trademark jewellery. At Melorra, there is way too much to choose from –  fashion-inspired diamonds and trendy gold designs. Why wait anymore?

#5 True that! Nothing works its charm like a little bit of sparkle and (read lotsa) jewellery. So, chase them blues away and get on to stacking on!

#6 Because it’s time to say goodbye to awkward pleasantries and half-baked ‘hellos’. All you need is some fantastic jewellery to be your ice-breaker, a conversation starter, a deal maker!

#7 Because the next time you head out for a night out, pile on some dazzling gold and get ready to live out some amazing experiences and make heaps of new memories. Start the season on a high-gold note. Time to get, set, gold!

#8  There is no better way to bound with your BFF than shopping together! So, get on the phone, call your lovelies spread the ‘golden’? word & ?shine on!

#9 Because your vibe attracts your tribe and your jewellery, the right company ! ? So, pile on oodles of jewellery. Rememeber, all else might fail, but the fashion vibes you spread through the gold accessories ? never will!

#10 Because life can get tricky, heck it will! So, when in a limbo – don’t sweat it, take a chill-pill and let your gold do all the talking!


Because – The fashion goddess – Carrie Bradshaw (Reference: SATC :)) can never go wrong. So, don’t whine about missed gym sessions, instead sweat it out with some retail therapy!

Now that the reasons have been laid out – satiate your craving to shop by splurging on our fashion-inspired jewellery. It will be a golden and guilt-free experience, we promise!?

10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday
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10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday
10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday
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