Introducing the Monochrome Collection: A Colourful Sensation! #TrendAlert 

The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you ——-Coco Chanel  Iconic LBD and Monochrome Monochrome was black and white before the 1920s until Coco Chanel’s revolutionary and the iconic LBD came into existence and things turned a contrasting turn.   Now, Monochrome is a solitary colour with variations in […]

‘Inspire a Fighter Within’ with our Warrior Collection #TrendAlert 

The Greatest Pleasure in Life is doing what people say you cannot do.         ———–Walter Bagehot  Herstory and Today’s World  Looking back at history, most cultures have glorified and sung stories of men, like warfare has been men’s domain. Indeed, it was, as women and children and the old were more likely […]

Rule the Road with our Biker Collection #TrendAlert

I refuse to be bound by Rules and to do things that are Pleasant for you, I refuse to be in that tiny box of your Imagination! I am the one, who loves the Wind gushing on my face and Sunshine on my shoulders, I am the force, who loves a Wild adventure; I would […]

Dive into the Latest Trend with our Mermaid Collection #TrendAlert

How often do you get fascinated with myths? Do you wonder if there is truth in the stories you grew up with? Well, there is always a possibility even in the impossible. Isn’t it?  Stories about Mermaids have been whispered since time immemorial, and when the seas have so much yet to be discovered, we […]

Steal the Show with Our Surreal Collection #Trend Alert 

To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout of what has never been – René Magritte     Often, we have heard of a surreal look that blows away the mind-breaking barriers on the realist or an ordinary outlook taking a closer […]

5 Beach Trinkets to flaunt this Summer!#TrendAlert

Sand surfs, flip flops, and the sandy toes all remind us of the beach aesthetics. This Spring-summer, it’s all about breezy outfits, lively patterns, midriff exposure here and now, and the season’s hottest cut-out trends in bright popping colours. A sporty and free-spirited essence captures our attention.    In the fashion world, from Chanel, Isabelle […]

Top 5 Reasons to Love Our Lite Knit Collection #TrendAlert   

Lite Knit

  Jewellery is like the perfect spice, it complements what’s already there. Best-loved and always adored, the intricate work of knitting is forever a charm. Be it on the runways or in the lists of hottest styles, the delicate ornamentation of yarns covers all seasons. This Spring-Summer, runways and fashion street flaunted knits – sometimes […]