AW 20/21: All Toned Down to Earth! #TrendAlert

Make way for Earth tones, cause there’s nothing more classic than that! Think beige, mahogany. sandstone, toffee or coffee – there’s a new neutral palette to try out!

We’re way into the post-pandemic world and safety and comfort are the new keywords for us all. And fashion too took its inspiration from just that. Walking the path of ‘less is more’ and ‘simple is the new stand-out’, it was time to embrace the timelessness of the Earth colours.

Earthy, Head-to-Toe

Celebrating the shades of the Earth, the global ramps and runways had the new head-to-toe look for all day, any day. While Acne Studios was playing with velvet, ribbed knits and tie-dye effects to add textures, Boss took a more formal route. With boots, trench coats, blazers and skirts, there was an Earthy edition set to work. Burberry and Fendi, on the other hand, were getting ready for winter with fur & check pattern additions.

Gabriela Hearst added feminine to Earth while JW Anderson showcased knitted and belted dresses apt for any time of the day. Prada’s collection was feminine meets structured with tassels and contrasting belts, meanwhile, Richard Malone presented pleated silhouettes paired with jackets and boots.

Rustic Refresh!

The celebs were loving this shade in all its hues! From Amber Valetta and Jane Fonda pantsuit to Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner’s casual hues and Jennifer Lopez’s short suit, the Earth tone was raging all across. Tessa Thompson’s Porter shoot was to fall for while Billie Eilish showcased her favourite colour tone on the red-carpet.

On the home ground too, celebrities were in love with this colour trend. While Bhumi Pednekar was showing off her beige shade in the Sun, Kiara Advani was pairing it up for the perfect party look. Karishma Kapoor’s casual attire was the one we All need our wardrobe, while Kirti Kulhari’s pair-up was a match made in heaven.

The Earth Tones Collection

After all the rage that was beige and beyond, we couldn’t stay calm! Taking inspiration from the hues of the Earth, we’ve created a range in gold and gemstones. Making sure that these tones stay in the limelight, we’re all about celebrating – in a classic shade.

Designer’s Moodboard

The Mood

Effortless, down to earth and versatile, the mood of this trend was flaunting your everyday style in a winter hue.


Think neutral, think peaceful, think Earthy…this season, classic tones are the ones to own. From Toffee, Sand to Mahogany, every shade in the book is up for grabs. Translating this trend, we’ve created a range in gold & gemstones for a little colour play & a lot of versatile-caz fun!

Take a peek into our collection!

So while you’re adding some colour to your wardrobe, add these Earthy tones to your jewellery too! Play it down with these versatile looks and dance to this classic tune!

Explore the Earth Tones Collection here!

AW 20/21: All Toned Down to Earth! #TrendAlert
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AW 20/21: All Toned Down to Earth! #TrendAlert
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