AW 20/21: Bourgeois with a Twist! #TrendAlert

Bourgeois has taken on a whole new meaning – it’s time for a little prim and some prance too! Make way for a classic-cum-fresh take on this latest trend! Bourgeois has been a major trend over the past year, and it’s definitely not ready to step back! Paying homage to this never-dying trend, this season […]

AW 20/21: Feelin’ Fuchsia #TrendAlert

We’re in a Fuchsia state of mind this Autumn-Winter 2020/21 and there’s no stopping this takeover! So are you ready to bold it up?! Winter just got a whole lot fearless with a vibrant Pink-Purple add-on that has us swooning. While AW is the season of rainy days, cloudy skies and a bunch of neutrals, […]

AW 20/21: It’s Fringe-Style Season! #Styling

Extra Fringe Styling

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Let’s have some FRINGE on the go!! This Autumn-Winter 20/21, you just can’t get away without having some fringy added to your wardrobe! While runway trends of Autumn-Winter 2020/21 are gradually making their way to the street style, one trend has specifically gained popularity among the masses pretty fast. And that […]

AW 20/21: The Mood of the Winter Blooms! #TrendAlert

There’s a new fashion takeover in town – florals with a hint of dark! From black backgrounds to multi-coloured florals, there’s a whole lotta print for your winter mood. Glasual – Glamourous and Casual, is the new way to define the floral trend of the season. With micro prints to OTT ones, all florals are […]

AW 20/21: All Toned Down to Earth! #TrendAlert

Make way for Earth tones, cause there’s nothing more classic than that! Think beige, mahogany. sandstone, toffee or coffee – there’s a new neutral palette to try out! We’re way into the post-pandemic world and safety and comfort are the new keywords for us all. And fashion too took its inspiration from just that. Walking […]

AW 20/21: Add a Little Prep in Your Step! #TrendAlert

Are you ready to add a little prep and pep to your winter?! This Autumn-Winter 2020, shirts, plaid skirts and ties are back in fashion – that too in a pulled-up socks form. It’s THE uniform for the season! Childhood remains the core of this season’s theme and with it, designers are revising their own […]

AW 20/21: The Art of Childhood Dress-Up! #TrendAlert

Childhood dreams, dramatic youth…our latest trend inspiration is a throwback to the days gone by! A little nostalgia and a lot of Doll drama, here’s what’s new! A significant theme for Autumn-Winter 2020/21 was Childhood that depicted the aspiration of returning back to the innocence, the fun ad the demure of being a young woman. […]

AW’20: Check It All Out! #TrendAlert

Checks checks everywhere…and cross-checks to play with! Kicking off the Autumn-Winter 2020/21 season, checks are making a comeback and in all it’s head-to-toe versions and more! Check it out was surely the call of the season, with the print showing off it’s sleek, structured silhouettes in tones of two. A style inspiration that comes from […]