Be fringe-alious! – How to do the trend right? #stylistspeaks

You know by now – We can’t talk about our love for fringe, enough!

Over the last couple of weeks, we brought to you, trend glimpses of the fringe-fashion obsession from around the fashion world – ramp walks to red carpets, boutiques to editorials, and finally – our very own jewellery line – The Fringe Collection.

The Fashion and the Technique

Fringe adds, both, drama and femininity to your look. So, what makes a fringe? A sequence of tassels, dangling baubles, tuffs, edging, trimming and even braids set in isolation, or together. This season, fringe is a mix-n-match of all these elements together or in combination.

Fringe Re-imagined

Fringe isn’t a brand new trend. But, what makes it stand out this year, is the bold and outrageous flavour it comes with. This time around – fringe is loud and out! Our jewellery too is a testimony of how outrageous this trend is. We’ve got – Two types of fringes in one piece of jewellery, layers of fringe, a bundle of tassels, outrageous strands, nuggets and much more.

How to do The Fringe!

Fringe is everywhere, we know! From purses to boots, shirts to jackets! Now, we bring fringe to you in jewellery as well. So many options, that it can get confusing.

Styling fringe can, that’s why get tricky. So, we got our in-house style expert to dish out fashion suggestions that’ll help you pair fringe jewellery with your everyday wardrobe. Click here to check it out!

Fringe, Fashion & the Babes

While we released our Fringe collection, a whole host of our favourite fashionistas came out wearing this daring trend, as well. Take a look, for some fringe-tastic experience.

Instagram @rochasofficial – Sonam Kapoor
Instagram @Nishkalulla
Instagram @radhikaofficial
Instagram @manishmalhotra05 – Kareena Kapoor
Instagram @egupta

If you have any questions on fashion, trends, styling and jewellery, let us know in the comment section below. Our stylist – Devesh Pant, will answer them for you!

Be fringe-alious! - How to do the trend right? #stylistspeaks
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Be fringe-alious! - How to do the trend right? #stylistspeaks
Be fringe-alious! - How to do the trend right? #stylistspeaks
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