AW 20/21: Go EXTRA on Fringe! #TrendAlert

This all new edgy and swinging trend is the new talk of the town! Fringes are back this season with an EXTRA something in its flow!

Being one of the most iconic styles of the Gatsbian decade, fringes caught the limelight with the Charleston dress. Well, one thing is for certain, that “Fringe” never really got out of trend! From western-inspired fringe jackets to dresses that have a reminiscent feel of the 1920s flapper, fringes are all over and everywhere. Contemporary designers and street style’s elite, this season seems to be all-the-more willing to give it a more thoughtful touch and turn, bringing clever accents to all trims!

Fringe-tastic Floor!

With the Autumn-Winter 2020/21 collections on the ramps and other OTT platforms, the Extra-long fringes were ready to tell their ‘tales’ (pun intended). Designers like Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta took the trend with all-the-more whimsical play in mind. Meanwhile, Lucie and Luke Meier for Jil Sander went head-to-toe fringe for the season. A little layer and a little colour, never let down the trims!

Instagram @Bottegaveneta
Instagram @Albertaferretti

With a little subtle and a lot of sways, Alberta Ferretti’s collection was an ode to the fringe. Placing subtlety on one end and OTT on the other, there was certain femininity that stood true to the designer. 

IG @Pacorabanne
Instagram @Pacorabanne

While we saw floaty, waifish looks at Bottega Veneta, there was Paco Rabbane’s Robo-chic futuristic glamour that completed the fringe palette. Dior’s collection was a wave to boho-chic fashion, while Dries van Noten was empowering fringe portrayals with scarf, lace and coat additions. Givenchy, on the other hand, took a classic-retro route, that was laid down from pantsuits to floor-sweeping gowns.

Instagram @Prada
IG @Fendi

Elsewhere, busting the “cliches of femininity”, Prada took a new take with silk fringe and jet beads replacing the classic personal diamonds and precious gems. With boxy belted jackets paired with a fringed skirt, and classic bib-front shirts glammed up with skeins of crystals suspended from the shoulders, the aura was Fringe-flowing!!


Feel the FRINGE!!

We know for sure that this trend moved from runway to street, really fast, really quick. So, how would it not touch the closets of high-style celebs?! From Rihanna, Kerry Washington, and Winnie Harlow to Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Kathrine Waterston all have shown their fringe-love – with glam!

May it be Joslyn Davis, Selena Gomez, or Gwen Stefani, there were metallic strands, dewdrop ones to even thread-like renditions of this trend – there’s no stopping fringe this season, after all!

@Graysorrenti – Rihanna

And, back home, from Radhika Madan, Nargis Fakhri, Shraddha Kapoor and Malaika Arora to the happening Desi-girl Priyanka Chopra and Amy Jackson, all have been seen heeding to their party mood in EXTRA-fringe, this season!


About the collection

After all the ramp, runway and fashion drama, this fringy love story was the one to stick with. So, taking inspiration from this trend, we created a little fringy touch to our new collection. Inspired by the free, friendly, and stylish bangs, we created a range that’s a li’l extra flowy this season! 

Here’s what our designer mood board looked like!

Designer Mood Board

Extra, extra & Extra are indeed the call of fringe this season! From neutrals to vividly coloured & metallic outfits, fringe was the new must-have & we had to get on board! Creating a range in gold, we’ve added cable chains for a swish & sway effect – Gold is now fringe-worthy too!

– Hemali, Jewellery Designer.

Here’s a quick peek into our collection:


So, while you’re setting up that Zoom party or throwing the short and sweet house one, do it with an EXTRA something this season. How about some extra-long fringe that complements your mood and also your sway?!

Check out our new The Extra Fringing Collection here!

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