Ignite Your 24/7 Fashion! #Artof24x7Fashion

Shraddha Kapoor in Melorra Jewelery

Every moment is good, every moment should be celebrated. And when fashion is 24×7, your gold should be too!

Aren’t you tired of only decking up for a special occasion? The day you look forward to when you plan your outfit, your jewellery and down to your shoes? All well-coordinated and your gold jewellery ready for an outing, only to be kept back in the locker after the day is done.

Why don’t we celebrate every day? Why shouldn’t gold be a part of it too?

It’s time to gold it up!

Whether it’s 10 am work meeting, a brunch outing, a coffee run or time to hit the dance floor – Gold belongs in your every day and every moment. Gone are the days when gold was supposed to be part of your special occasions only and even more so, a part of your locker. It’s time to let the gold jewellery out, wear it, flaunt it and don it for and every mood!

Shraddha Kapoor in Melorra Jewelery

Flip your hair, find the right walk, turn the music up and dance to your own tunes! Dress it up, style your look and add the gold jewellery to it too!

From catching up with friends, walking down the runway to going out on a date or just to the mall, it’s your fashion! And now, gold for it too. While fashion is a part of our wardrobe, it should surely be a part of our jewellery box too. Let your gold out, walk with it or decide to make it sway, there’s gold to celebrate all your moments.

Welcoming the festive season, we’re adding a little colour, a little diamond and a lot of gold to your everyday outfit. Pick it up for a zoom party or take it out for a vacation, the choice is yours.

So while you’re figuring out the outfits of your day, here’s the gold to include:

When you’re set to move to the disco groove!


It’s a dinner date or, just a reason to step out.


House party scenes or even a Zoom call one!

Get in the mood and set your fashionista looks with gold this season! Style up with a cute flair outfit or go for a bold fringe one, there’s always room for more.

‘Cause wherever you go, whatever you do…Don’t stop dazzling!

Discover the Art of 24×7 Fashion!

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