AW21: Glitter, Glam, Gold! #TrendAlert

All that glitters may be gold after all! This Autumn Winter 2021, it’s time to add some bling because glam GOLD is IN! Dipped in gold has a whole new meaning this season! As Autumn Winter 2021 gears up for a trend that shimmers and shines bright and bold, it’s time to embrace gold. The […]

AW21: Trick of the Geometric! #TrendAlert

Each season has a new print that prevails on the runway. Autumn Winter 2021 is all about a geometric pattern with a tessellated tale! Prints have been around for decades, from art nouveau and cubism prints of the 1900s. To the gingham in the 1920s. For instance, think of Judy Garland in the Wizard of […]

AW21: Take A Plunge Into Grunge #TrendAlert

Rebellion is strong in the air as Autumn Winter 2021 takes on a messy muse! This season it’s time to layer up with a Grunge mood, complete with plaid, rips and frays! To think of Grunge is to think of distressed denims, baggy silhouettes and well-worn plaid shirts. Think Kurt Cobain in those flannel shirts […]

AW21: Just Pleat It! #TrendAlert

‘Tis the season to say yes to Pleat it up as Autumn Winter 2021 comes a’ rushing with its latest trend! Brace yourself for the Prim Pleats takeover as the crisp folds become the back to work staple! With the onset of the new season, it’s time for new trends for a fresh start. And […]

SS’21: The 50 Shades of Red #TrendAlert

What do the Spartans, Mars and Rubies all share in common? The vibrant and energetic colour Red! This Spring Summer 2021, get ready for the takeover of Red on the ramp in flirty glitter and frills to sophisticated chic. Indeed, painting the town Red! Have you ‘Red’ its story? Deep-rooted in history, Red represented social […]

SS’21: Cinch it Up This Spring! #TrendAlert

cinch it up banner

Spring Summer 2021 brought many quirky and exciting trends to follow. One of the trends which are to stay is of the belts over the dress. Let’s pick any belt from our wardrobe and give our fashion a cinched upgrade! Are you all in to cinch it up? A Cinched-Up History During Rennaissance, the belts […]

SS’21: Time for a Fiery Shoulder Take! #TrendAlert

sharp shoulder trend 2021

This Spring Summer 2021, it’s time to embrace the spirit of the strong shoulder! Are you ready to slay with the fiery strength overlay? A Powerful History Most of the major trends of this season are bright, positive, and powerful. One such powerful take is of strong and sharp shoulders. This SS’21, the fashion world […]

Explore the Positive Energy of Fashion! #Trending

positive energy blog banner

With a lot happening in the last year, the Spring Summer 2021 season was about embracing a little more positive energy! As fashion is an instant language, many trends this summer have hugged positivity like a good old friend. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s just dive into this pool of energetic vibes in […]

SS’21: Go Bold with the Second Skin! #TrendAlert

second skin trend 2021

The Spring Summer 2021’s clingiest trend is here! As chic, and as fashionable! So, read on to check out this second skin that you NEED to adorn for that fashion high. During the pandemic, the world of fashion got affected to a great extent. So, did the ways of clothing and accessorizing. Both have gotten […]