3 Ways to #UnTradition this Festive Season

Ways to UnTradition This Festive Season

Boom… Bam…Bang… Remember, how as kids, the festive season used to be all about noisy firecrackers and competing with neighbours to see who has the best (or the loudest) ones? Our family mandatorily investing in traditional gold coins? Exchanging unimaginable packets of sweets with maternal relatives, paternal relatives, neighbours, extended neighbours and everyone else we […]

The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips

When there’s a beach vacay on the mind and outfits are good to go for the trip, there’s only one thing left to wonder – the precious jewellery to go with it. And even when that’s done, there’s the underlying question of how to clean your gold ornaments while on the go. With ever-evolving fashion […]