Best 5 Gold Bracelets Under ₹40K! #Buyer’sGuide


“Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring”

You must have some modern pieces of gold jewellery in your collection if you enjoy adding designer pieces from international fashion to your style. Any outfit is transformed by the chic, lightweight jewellery, which gives it a delicate yet stunning appearance. 

Gold bracelets include a variety of stones, shapes, and textures to reflect your individual taste. There is no better method to catch the light, so whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, go ahead and put one on to look like a runway model. These styling suggestions will give you ideas and confidence for the next time you wish to wear Melorra gold bangles for daily wear. 

Stunning Gold Bracelets For The Gorgeous YOU

Melorra provides a variety of styles, specialising in simple, modern, everyday-wear gold bracelets. Based on your requirements and the most recent trends, we have selected gold bracelets. These are our favourite simple gold bracelet designs for the modern woman.

This high polish yellow gold cable chain bracelet with a triple-petal floral motif has two petals enamelled in lilac. It is set between two wing-like motifs. This lightweight bracelet is beautifully crafted in 22K from our Lilac Hues collection. Make this bracelet a part of your brunch outfit! 

This bracelet tells a lot about who you are. This lovely piece takes your ensemble to the next level. You may wear it with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Couple it with a watch and a dainty ring to finish off your OOTD. The coolest part is that you may wear it as daily wear jewellery since it can be carried so effortlessly! 

Blooming Lilac Gold Bracelet



Don’t be afraid to stack these ones with geometric patterns; they make more than enough impression on their own. This highly polished yellow gold bracelet contains a rectangle motif in the centre and two additional, curved motifs on either side. The connectors holding the motifs together are decorated with denim blue enamel leaf patterns. For securing, the item features a fish lock and cable chain. This piece is perfect for daily wear, a beautifully crafted 22-karat gold bracelet for modern women from our range of embellished denim.You can wear it with a black casual skirt along with a pair of sneakers for a classic yet casual look. With a sleek ponytail and simple gold hoop earrings, this gold bracelet is bound to make you a head turner.

Up A Nottch Gold Bracelet



Each of these classic items has a unique tale to tell, thanks to delicate features. These are sleek, simple, beautiful and are bound to make you look like an elegant yet simple diva. This 22 karat cable chain bracelet is made of high polish yellow gold with two swirling hook-like designs with a hanging heart cutout in the middle. Take your style game to the next level by wearing your watch with this sleek gold bangle. If you’re looking for the best way to add style and a simple yet fashionable appearance to a black midi dress, stacking your gold bracelets with your watch is the best option for a perfect date night!

Palace Of Love Gold Bracelet


Your basic gold bracelets will seem more stylish if you give them a twist. This beautiful bracelet is made of high-polish gold with a cable chain and a floral pattern encased in a stylized “U” frame. The exquisite 22-karat gold bracelet for modern women is from our Vintage Floral line. This specific gold bracelet weighs 5.265 g. 

This is the ideal bracelet to wear to a brunch or for a book reading. Pair it with a floral print midi dress or a skirt for a simple yet stunning look. The nicest thing about wearing this beautiful piece is that you don’t need to add many accessories. This one adds enough charm.

Morning Glory Gold Bracelet



It is quite comfy and sleek, as the name suggests, making it perfect for those who love jewellery. This elegant, lightweight piece of jewellery is made of dazzling gold and is perfect for everyday use. The 22 karat gold textured bracelet is trendy. This beautiful piece features a high polish gold cable chain with multiple alternatively placed, heart shaped motifs and floral nuggets. Each heart motif is enamelled in black. This is so lightweight and easy to carry that you can make it your workwear staple. This gold bracelet will help you look your best whether you’re going to a casual college party or want to look your finest on a date.

Midnight Heart Gold Bracelet


Create A Classy Look

For instance, when styling your attire, a sleek yellow gold bracelet makes a terrific base. You can create a classy, opulent style with little effort by pairing it with an off-the-shoulder black casual dress and striking gold stud earrings

Pairing a heavy or a thick gold bracelet with a casual outfit makes you look too ‘flashy’. However, it works like a charm for events or parties. Hence, you must choose your designs carefully by keeping in mind the attire you wish to pair it up with. 

It’s no longer a challenge to match bracelets with any outfits. You may easily turn heads with the help of our styling guide on the finest gold bracelets to pair with casual outfits. 

See our whole selection of bracelets right here! 

Here are some gold bracelet options for workwear.

Check out trendy and chic gold bracelets that you can wear with any outfit!

Happy Shopping @Melorra!

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