5 Simple Hoop Earrings for Your Casual Looks! #StyleTips

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed. ————Jennifer Lopez The hoop earring by far is the most culturally significant style of earring than any other. It played a pivotal role in the ‘60s Black Lives Matter Movement, symbolizing strength and unity as African American women proudly displayed their culture. […]

5 Ways to Style Your Gold Jewellery! #StyleTips

Wear a fabulous smile, and great jewellery and know that you are utterly and totally in control! —-Donatella Versace Who doesn’t like to be in control?! Isn’t it more fun to create your own destiny than waiting for fate to let things fall into place? Yes, absolutely! So, while you craft your beautiful future skillfully, […]

Gift Your Sister with Gold! #RakhiSpecial

It’s that time of the year again – Where all the sisters are set with their wishlist or at least ready to be surprised! Afterall it’s Rakhsha Bandhan! We’ve all been there. Fighting over the remote or some game that was recently bought. Just troubling each other for No Reason At All or complaining about […]