1 Gold Jewellery, 3 Ways to Wear! #Modular

Modular Jewellery

A twist of Mod to the spring of Gold. And you’ve got 3 ways to wear 1 jewellery! Seek out the hot modular we have in store for you!   Super fashionable – Check. Affordable – Check. Easy to wear – Check. High in quality – Check. Trendy – Double Check!! Melorra has been keeping […]

10 Winter Must-Haves of the Season! #GoodtoGold

Knock knock! Winter is here. Why not be on top of your game with this 10 winter must-haves?! Are you ready to ‘chill it up’? With the chill getting on nerves, and the quarantine boredom still on our minds, it’s time to pump up some energy into the winters! Partying and going out is still […]

All the Party Penchants in Gold! #Partytakers

Christmas celebrations or Thanksgiving dinner – Be on top of your charm with these hard-to-miss party penchants! Are you up to rock the festive nights with these partytakers?  After a looong and quaran-tiring fight with the pandemic, the most wonderful time of the year is here! The festive season is here. Yay! Although, the pandemic […]

10 Gold Jewellery ready to gift! #Quickship


Diwali is here! …but you forgot to buy gifts and it’s THE day already. Don’t worry! Because we say it’s never too late to gift. Wanna quick-glance through 10  Quick Ship gold jewellery? The festival of lights aaandd gifts!! Oh, but juggling amid the chaos of working from home, and family, you forgot to buy […]

Environment Day: Act #ForNature

Climate change is real and there’s never been a more critical time to talk about our biodiversity! So it’s time we all take part in this movement! Nature is changing around us. From fires in the Amazon and the Australian jungles to growing global warming, there have been signs from all sides. Signs that we […]

SS ’20 Eco-Conscious: From the Designer’s Desk

Sustainable, ethical, eco-conscious, are no longer just words but have transformed into what we call fashion today. Spring Summer 2020 gave us a whole macro trend of Climate Change. With designers showcasing their take on recycling, reusing and upcycling, it was about saving our environment. And more than that, it was about leaving a better […]

SS’20: An Ode to the Flower Power! #FloralFashion

Flowers have been a part of fashion since we can remember. From the Medieval & Renaissance Era to this month, florals are forever blossoms and a print that never goes out of fashion. An inspiration that crops up every year, pun intended – with every flower, leaf and even fern, holding different connotations. The designers […]