Lace Me Up This Spring! #TrendAlert

  This season’s highlights – flaunt chic, hug the boho and pause a while caressing entirely with laces… Spring/Summer 2022 is here: the petrichor emanating from the lands, little blooms of bright colour between green leaves unfurling: of a little rain, seeds taking roots, splash on the mud  with tie-up laces… It’s time we get […]

7 Designs for a Breezy Summer Look! #StyleItUp


Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right. Well, the Beatles said what they said. Spring/Summer has set in, and now it’s all about the corner-long walks on the beach, coconut water, watermelon bites, strappy sandals, breezy clothes, floral patterns, or hanging by the pool! What does summer remind you of? Tuck away […]

SS22: The 90s Fashion Mixtape! #TrendAlert

Big Babool, FRIENDS, The Walkman, Tetris, Britney Spears, tank tops, Jetsons….Any guesses as to what we’re talking about? It’s the 90s! The 90s have made a comeback this Spring Summer 2022 with nothing short of nostalgic moments (says I, with tears in my eyes). As per my calculations, all 90s kids have moved on, inching […]

10 Jewellery Designs for Women who are #GroovinEveryday

jewellery collection

  What the enchantress wants, the enchantress gets! In today’s hustle-bustle, become unstoppable. Never doubt your value and power; instead, fight your battles like the hero you are. Sometimes, if things don’t go right, do not wish for a miracle because you are MAGIC. For the badass with a good heart, the soft-spoken with a strong attitude, […]

For Women, By Women: Your Story, Our Inspiration! #WomensDay

Hello Melorrians! Melorra’s success is built on love, trust, and hardworking people. We are very proud of each member of the firm for offering the perfect combination of expertise and creativity to ensure the organization’s smooth functioning! We’ve been humming along with a newsletter, and with women’s day around the corner, we took the opportunity […]

Get #GroovinEveryday with our Enchantress Collection!

This Women’s Day, celebrate the modern woman with our latest collection! This Dominatrix inspired look honours all the go-getter women out there! Women’s day is just around the corner, and we’re all about celebrating the women who groove every day in every aspect of life! From career ladies to homemakers to students, women of all […]