What’s Your #SayNoTo Story? #Melorracontest

To all those thoughts – ‘I can’t pull that off’, ‘Red won’t suit me’ or ‘I am too chubby for that jeans’, it’s time you #saynoto! With the start of the festive season, let’s make a new beginning, let’s start saying NO. No to everything that’s holding us back, to things that are bringing us […]

13 Quirky Conversation Starters #daughtersday #fashiontalk

We couldn’t agree more – daughters are super special! So, as your lil’ one goes from being a prancing tot to a fabulous (aka fashionable) young woman, here are a few quirky tongue-in-cheek conversation starters you gotta initiate – about style, fashion, body image and everything in between! It’s time for some fun chitter-chatter with […]

Be fringe-alious! – How to do the trend right? #stylistspeaks

You know by now – We can’t talk about our love for fringe, enough! Over the last couple of weeks, we brought to you, trend glimpses of the fringe-fashion obsession from around the fashion world – ramp walks to red carpets, boutiques to editorials, and finally – our very own jewellery line – The Fringe […]

Let’s Amp It Up – Fringe Goes Glamorous! #newarrival

It’s flowy, it’s fabulous and it’s bringing the glam back. – The Fringe Collection Fringe-tastic Facts About our Latest Collection: Here’s all the juice on our latest collection, compiled in a list: – It’s flowy, fun and super fashionable – It’s lightweight and affordable, yes, that’s possible! – Comes in 18kt and 22kt, take a […]

Hook On, Move On – Earrings that are Easy!

Don’t you just hate it when you have to tussle with a stubborn earring screw or struggle with an earring clip that just won’t clasp? We h’ear’ you! We know, the struggle is real. So, we decided to introduce hook on earrings in real jewellery – marrying the best of convenience & beautiful designs – […]

Spring/Summer 2018 – The Gelato Pastels Drool List!

A couple of days back we promised we’d bring to you the most delicious collection of jewellery, and boy! Did we deliver! So, here’s presenting The Gelato Pastels – A collection based on the most lip-smacking hue of the Spring/Summer ’18 fashion season – Pastels. We’ve put together a preview into our collection, (read- the […]