These 5 Accessories Will Make You Work-Ready! #StyleGuide

Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you’re going.

————-Pharrell Williams


“Dress for the occasion” is probably the most common advice we have all got at one point or another. And it is by far the most simple yet fundamental mantra’s one can follow. This makes most sense where workwear is concerned.

It is said that an average person spends one third of their life at work. Now, that’s a big chunk of our adult lives spent in meetings or laptops or trying to achieve the periodic targets. 

So, it’s safe to say that your workwear is as significant as other outfits your wardrobe holds. Do your due diligence and invest some time to put together some office looks that can motivate you even on your worst days.

Jazz Up the Work Outfit

The best way to make workwear interesting is to add on accessories that can glam up your work outfits. At Melorra we make workwear fun with lightweight jewellery inspired from global fashion trends.

We have in store for your five accessories that will elevate your look. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate employee, accessorise in vogue!

Dazzling Dawn Diamond Earrings

Embrace the feminine power in the dazzling dawn diamond earrings. They are gold danglers with double hollow square shaped motifs decorated with diamonds. The dangling motif is attached to a small elongated motif with diamonds in high polish. With winter approaching, this is a great option to hold onto for your turtlenecks and jumpers. Pair them with paint suits, jackets for a touch of femininity.

Touch of Blush Gold Ring

A pop of colour to keep the “dull” away. The ring features an enamel in haute pink, the reigning colour of the year. It has a regular band that splits towards the centre to form two angular arcs. A parallelogram motif is created at the junction of these arc elements, connecting both ends. Go bold with an all pink ensemble or team it up with high waisted formal trousers and pastel blouse.

The Golden Chevron Gold Pendant

Scoop necks, V-necks or sweetheart necklines, a gold pendant is the perfect companion to get the glam on! The Chevron gold pendant has arrow-shaped nuggets made of high polish yellow gold with The enamel finishing at the centre and high polish yellow gold streaks as an outline. Wear this over your turtlenecks or buttoned up blouses for a chic look. 

Blink in Hues Gemstone Bracelet

Inspired from the colour blocking trend, blink in hues gemstone bracelet is a high polished gold bracelet in 18k. It is designed with multiple rectangular motifs and studded with Pink sapphire and London Blue Topaz gemstones in a surface prong setting. Add a splash of colour to your workwear with this gemstone bracelet. Match them with your quintessential white shirts or blouses, or get trendy by colour blocking in a shift dress.

Dazzle Drama Diamond Necklace

One for the special days at work-team dinners, client presentation or just to mark a milestone in your journey. Style the dazzle diamond necklace with a scoop neck dress plus a pair of diamond studs and dazzle all the way. This is a high polish gold cable chain necklace that has spatially placed circular motifs embedded with an illusion set diamond.

Everywhere You Go, Leave an Impression

We spend a great part of our lives at work, where we continuously create impressions by interacting with colleagues, managers or subordinates. Let those impressions be lasting ones, not just by manner but also by what we wear.

Bid adieu to boring work outfits, welcome some flair into your office wear. Jewellery goes a long way to smarten up even your everyday shirt. 

Take your pick from our selection that matches your personality and get work-ready with us. We sure have something for everyone. Fashion is one way you express to the world who you are; so whatever you mean to say, say it with style and passion.

Pick your everyday wear now! Read to find out!

Shop @Melorra to look professional with everyday fine jewellery! 


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