5 Wacky Excuses to Buy Gold Jewellery! #Celebrate

Gold Jewellery Melorra

We, at Melorra, believe that every lady is a superwoman and she needs to celebrate everything she does. Yes, you should be celebrating it all – good hair days, promotions, new jobs, leaving soul-sucking jobs, patch-ups, break-ups, finishing your to-do lists, wacky passions, new habits, big goals, small milestones. ALL of it. And we say […]

Your Valentine Wish – In Gold! #UpYourGiftingGame

The day of love is here! And so is your gifting day! Are you ready to celebrate?! Valentine’s Day has always been a day to celebrate love and exchange gifts that matter to the heart and shows how well you know each other. While women are comparatively better gifters (no offence men), but somewhere our […]

5 Valentine Days, 5 Reasons to Celebrate! #UpYourGiftingGame

From rose day, chocolate day to teddy day and whatnots, we women are definitely done with these gifts that don’t last more than a day! And we want something more! With these oh-so-cheesy days before the D-day, it’s become a relatively monotonous schedule of what to expect. It’s rose day, it’ll be either a bouquet […]

Why So Serious? It’s Just Gold! #UnTradition

Gold jewellery has been a sentiment for most of us. Jewellery that is associated with special occasions, traditional clothing and expensive buying that is supposed to be worn on the D-day and kept safely back into lockers. However, us millennials, definitely don’t want to do that! As fashion trends seep into our wardrobes and even […]

The Making of: AW 19/20 Amplified Volume Collection! #Storyboard

After the whole ruffle trouble of Spring Summer 2019, the layers were not quite done yet! With tons and tons of fabric, Autumn-Winter 19/20 has become a whole lot frilly! From layers of sheer fabrics to ruffled up multi-coloured ones, volume was the key element of this season. Draped like a spectacle, it was all […]

What They Say & What We Hear: Traditional vs. Millennial

Whether it’s about the way we shop or about our style preference, there’s literally a whole lot of a difference between what elders say and how we millennials see it. But when it comes to gold jewellery, where our elders tell us about investing in it, we millennials are definitely looking in the other direction! […]