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Top 15 SS’19 Trends that are Totally Insta-Worthy!

We’re edging towards the end of the Spring Summer season, trying to adjust to the cloudy weather outside and also adjusting our outfits with that! Reminiscing the blue skies and windy days, we’re looking back at the fashion that was SS 2019. With all the colour rage, print mania and feel of everything summer and beachy, Spring Summer this season gave us serious vacation and outfit goals. Ranging from pastels to the brightest of yellow, the ramps were a mix of over the top feels and sophisticated ones. From Chanel’s beach creation to Etro’s super colourful print mania, there was a lot of inspiration for our wardrobes. And while the fashion aficionados were giving us trend goals for the season, we were busy translating them for you! That too, in gold, diamonds, gemstones and even enamel! After all, if your outfit can go psychedelic, your jewellery should too! Summarising the…

Don’t Believe Us? Hear It From The Fashionistas! #influencers

We can’t stress enough that jewellery should be a part of a woman’s everyday outfit. Which means, it should be trendy enough to complement her ever-evolving wardrobe. This is why we draft new designs inspired by global fashion trend every single day! Trying to add to this wind of change – we make jewellery that are super minimal and absolutely affordable! So, why go after the fake, when you can flaunt the real deal, daily? Sounds too good to be true? Well, hear it from our fab influencers to believe it! #1 Belly Kanungo, Writer, Food & Lifestyle – YouTuber, Ex-RJ, Miss Indore’12 Totally obsessed with these minimalistic everyday jewellery pieces from @melorra_com. The bracelet feels so light and the earrings so comfortable to wear in my fast-paced lifestyle. Never thought real jewellery could be so trendy and lightweight at the same time. And the best part is their jewellery starts from 3000…

10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday

#1 Because you get to choose your conversation starter with jewellery. Especially when you have over a hundred of the latest, trendy designs at Melorra to choose from. So, speak your heart out. Let that light shine bright and let your conversations be as interesting as your jewellery. #2 Because… ummm….Affordable diamonds? We know, nothing works its magic on a woman the way diamond does! So, we stocked up and made it afforable! Incredible combo, right? We agree! So fierce on – Diamond jewellery determined to match the fearless woman you are. #3 Because your jewellery and fashion become your best introduction – Don’t you agree? So, pick generously – let your jewellery reflect and radiate your true self. #4 Because, you are the real deal girl? So, out with the ordinary and in with the original! Start your own style statement by choosing your very own trademark jewellery. At Melorra, there…